I guess Eva is wondering why this black thing is in her face again!

April 29

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Thursday April 30th 2009

I am sad today.  Eva only weighed 3.94kg (8lb10oz) when I had built up an expectation that she would be at least 4kg!  I had even got the Smarties ready for the cake!  Of course logic tells me that she can’t grow huge amounts every week and that she was just consolidating this week.  The thing that made me sad was that friends in Australia welcomed a baby girl, Hallie this week who was 3.95kg at birth!  I just find it hard again with the realisation that Eva is just so small and needs so much catching up.  Of course we are doing all we can and Eva has come so far but it still is hard for us.  

However Eva is now 5 times her birth weight which is very clever.  We have a bag of clothes which Eva has grown out of and I have just washed another load of new clothes she will soon grow into.  All these changes are wonderful I guess I am just getting impatient after all this time.   

Andrew has returned from a very intensive revenue management course for 4 days and has missed us lots.  He can’t believe how much Eva has changed in that short time.  Eva’s face shape has changed and she seems more alert with more smiling and talking.  The nurse today also commented that Eva’s head shape had begun to normalise.

We are really looking forward to our weekend away although I can’t believe the amount I will have to pack!

Tuesday April 28th 2009

Today Eva had an audiology review and a physiotherapy review.  First stop was the audiology appointment.  It was brief as Eva was very well behaved and very calm and quiet as requested.  Her hearing needed tested after her recent admission to hospital for possible viral meningitis.  All is clear and her hearing is intact which is great news.

Next was a physiotherapy review.  The paediatric physiotherapist from SCBU, Sally, asked Eva to come so that she could do a full review of Eva’s development.  Sally feels that Eva is just where she should be for 2 months corrected age.  Sally said sometimes they really progress once they get some weight on which we can really see with Eva.  Eva was very well behaved and enjoyed laying on the bed smiling at Sally.  Eva is able to turn her head across the midline (turning from side to side) by herself.  We thought that it was good for Eva to be standing up on our laps but apparently she doesn’t need to practice this as this is extension which she has already done lots of lying flat for so long.  We need to encourage more flexion, keeping arms and legs in, to help with sitting in the future.  Eva’s head control is great.  Overall it is a great relief to see that Eva is progressing well.

Andrew is on a 4 day course in Wolverhampton and is enjoying a very challenging course.  Although he did find it hard to sleep in the quiet and dark the first night.  Eva does find it strange that I am bathing her not Andrew!  The Community Team comes Thursday when I anticipate there will be a 4kg cake!

Thursday April 23rd 2009

Eva is smiling now!  It is so cute.  We had seen occasional smiles but in the last few days we get lots of smiles when we talk to Eva.  Even at 10.45 last night Eva wanted to practice this new talent!  

Today Hilary from the Community Team visited Eva and I.  Eva weighed in at 3.81kg (8lb 7oz) a gain of 340g in a week which is her biggest gain ever!  This despite having runny poos after the antibiotics and having a cold the past two days.  This takes her to the 2nd centile on the chart!  She may catch up yet!  Maybe the little baby rice is inspiring her digestive system.  This was the aim so that is wonderful. Now Eva has progressed to a teaspoon of baby rice three times daily.  She seems to really like this and laps it off the spoon.  We are currently holding her in our lap to feed but already she is getting more fidgety and she will need to go in the chair soon.

Poor thing has had a cold for the past few days.  She just hasn’t been herself since her admission to hospital.  It’s hard to hear her snuffling at night with red eyes and being miserable. Luckily she is still sleeping well in her crib.  Previous to the cold Eva had been having one feed in the night about 3 then going through until 6-7.  One night I had 5 hours straight sleep!  What a joy!

Eva has really progressed in our eyes in the last week.  She is just doing more every day and we are enjoying seeing these changes.  Eva is talking to us and her toy monkey when she sits in the chair. Also she is grabbing the monkey which hangs down and seemingly pulling it towards her.  Holding her head up very strongly and lifting it up to look at us when she is on our chest.  In the bath there is definitely more kicking happening  All this is in line with her corrected age.  

This week we also started using reusable nappies and wipes.  All seems to be well so far with Eva not showing any signs of discomfort.  Hopefully this lovely weather continues for me to dry them.  How I wish I had a Hills Hoist?!  The Bumgenius nappies come in many lovely colours and don’t seem to be too big and awkward on her.  The wipes are fragranced with essential oils and go in the wash with nappies.  

On Tuesday I met up with Lesel and baby Jamie  and we walked around the Harbour for an hour.  It was delightful and I even got a touch of sunburn given that it was 18 degrees!  After Eva and I sat in the sun with Andrew for a picnic lunch on the benches outside his work. 

We have booked a weekend away for the long weekend in May in Cheltenham in The Cotswolds.  I was very excited about the earlier but then it dawned on me how much stuff Eva needs just for this journey.  Anyway it will be good practice and an adventure!