Wednesday April 8th 2009

Eva has been very grumpy overnight and today!  I guess she is just sick of being here and especially frustrated at having her arm in the splint.  Poor thing tries to lift her arm and ends up hitting her head with the extra weight.  It also seems uncomfortable and to annoy her until she finds a comfortable spot when she is being held.

With not much sleep last night I was thrilled to see Andrew this morning to give Eva a cuddle whilst I caught up on sleep and had breakfast.  After her bottle Eva slept well until she needed antibiotics at 1pm so I caught up on sleep then too.  This afternoon while Mum and Dad have been here I left the building to enjoy the lovely weather and grab some lunch.  I feel refreshed now. 

The good news regarding Eva’s tests is that they have come back without growth of specific bugs.  This means there is no major infection evident.  This however means that there is no specific cause found for her infection.  Because of her symptoms and the fact that there was elevated numbers of white blood cells in her spinal fluid the decision has been made to continue her on antibiotics until Friday.  Today the Gentamicin and Amoxicillin will stop and Eva will continue on Ceftazadime, which is broad spectrum to cover her for a broad range of bugs.  On Friday Eva’s condition will be reviewed and a decision made regarding discharge.

Eva’s breastfeeding was slightly better overnight, which is great.  It all just seems like such hard work for her at the moment.  I wonder is she wishing that she could have her feeds by tube again?

I am concerned about the effects of more antibiotics on her little body.  I look forward to meeting up with our Neonatal Consultant on the 16th to discuss the use of probiotics for her.  In the meantime I will start taking them in the hope that she gets some through my breast milk. 

Of course being here makes us again realise how lucky we are overall.  Many nurses ask us if she is on oxygen.  They can’t believe how well she is for a 25 weeker.  I see many other children who are chronically ill and who have other siblings that need to be cared for.  


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