Thursday April 16th 2009

We visited St Michael’s Hospital today for Eva’s first check up with the Neonatal Team.  We saw a doctor who we hadn’t met before which was tricky as he didn’t really know Eva.  Also present were Nikki from the Community Nursing Team and Alison the Dietician.  First Eva was weighed, height and head circumference measured.  In order to show how unimpressed she was about being stripped naked Eva weed all over the change mat!  Today Eva’s weight was 3.47kg (7lb 10oz).  This is looking great on the growth chart now.  Also her height and head circumference are averaging out.

The appointment went well.  The doctor did an examination and felt Eva was behaving like a 7 week old baby.  They asked lots of questions about Eva’s behaviour like smiling, grabbing etc.  It kind of made us feel like we hadn’t been paying enough attention to her.  We can cut out one of her medications, the Vitamin D.  The rest continue.  Also we asked about swimming which is ok if the pool is really warm and Eva has a feed straight after.  This is great news and we can start looking for baby swim classes now.  

Most interesting was the section with the dietician.  Eva has started on solids!  The dietician felt that she needed to start in order for her to wean off the volumes of Infatrini in her bottles.  Eva’s gut has been developing for the past 5 months so she is ready for this next step.  This means that for the next week we will give Eva rice cereal and breast milk twice daily.  It seems so strange to be feeding a baby so small “solids”.  Andrew was surprised at how liquid the “solid” food is.  I was really shocked at first about this change.  I couldn’t believe that we were already at this stage.  Eva really enjoyed her rice tonight and lapped it up very promptly.  She hardly spilt any and was looking for more.  This change should also help Eva’s reflux by thickening the contents of her stomach to keep it down.

Also great news is that I can reduce the breast feeds for the day.  This means no more waking Eva up overnight to get her to feed.  Tonight I can just let her wake when she needs.  Hopefully this means more sleep for Eva and I overnight and more play time during the day!

All in all a lot of changes for today and moving onto the next part of the journey.  It is confusing that some things are done by her birth age like weaning but developmental goals are measured at her corrected age (when she was actually due).  Here I was thinking that solids would be some time after August!

We visited SCBU and saw some of the nurses who looked after Eva.  They were delighted to see her so big and well.  It was lovely to receive so many comments.  Also I visited ward 76 where Eva and I spent the last month of her stay.  They were thrilled that Eva was still breastfeeding and growing so well.  It was lovely to revisit these places.

The community team is visiting again next Thursday to review her weight and her eating!


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