Friday May 15th 2009

Eva and I went to London today to apply for her passport.  It was quite a journey for just a 15 minute appointment with a very uninterested interviewer.  We went by train and returned by coach.  The train was good with Eva sleeping and feeding and lots of space.  The coach wasn’t so good as Eva was bored and not as interested in sleeping or feeding.  I think the other passengers were glad when we arrived especially when we were 30 minutes late.  Overall Eva was great and I was ever thankful for my sling which was where Eva safely traveled and slept today.  

Eva has enjoyed her chicken so far which is great.  I was delighted that on Thursday Eva took to her breast feed and chicken in place of her bottle of Infatrini and still had a good midday sleep.  Also more news is that Eva’s blood results for this week show that her metabolic bone disease has improved.  This means that the amount of Sodium Phosphate that Eva takes has halved.  The rest of the medications remain the same.  

Also on Thursday we had a very pleasant moment when in public someone commented “Look how big she is!”.  That someone was Iona a nurse from SCBU who was pleased to see Eva looking so well. Usually when we are out all we hear is “She’s so small”.  With her alertness and head control she is so out of character for her size so people always comment.  It was such a proud moment to think that she is big and growing.  

Eva went to her first playgroup on Thursday.  It is called Elim Tots and is at our church.  There were about 30 other children there mostly toddler/preschool.  Eva sat and looked around with only a few wimpers.  Of course it’s not really for playing but for socialising for both of us.  We want Eva to learn about other babies and children.  We’ll try again next week.

A bit of a soundtrack in the house this week has been the song Wires by British band Athlete.  We have just discovered that it is written about the lead singer whose baby was in NICU.  Listening to it has made us feel a little sad but helped us to reflect.  Eva has still spent longer in hospital than at home although it feels like she has been home so long.  One of the saddest part of the songs is about spending that first night of your life on your own.  We are both sad that Eva was alone. The song also says  “looking at you now you would never know”, which we just pray is the case for our precious little girl.

We look forward to Saturday with a visit from Kristina from Adelaide who is very excited about meeting Eva in person.  We plan a quiet day tomorrow as Eva catches up from her busy day today.


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