Thursday June 10th 2009

Eva reached the dizzy heights of 5kg today!  We feel that it is quite an achievement for her and us. Astrid the health visitor came to see us and announced the weight of 5.08kg (11lb3oz).  Eva was quite pleased with herself and was having a ball on the scales kicking around.  Eva was really chatting and giggling with Astrid.  She just loves to impress new people.  

Today Aunty Ali joined us at swimming.  Eva seemed to be better in the pool with crying only at the end.  She went in without the wetsuit today which meant she didn’t float too much.  This did mean that she got cooler.  I think we will persist with the wetsuit because she uses so much energy trying to maintain her heat and was shivering when she got out.  This week I took her under the water instead of the instructor.  The instructor had a 9 week premmie baby so was asking about Eva and which hospital we were at.  Eva was very upset when she got out.  I think we will need to go to the pool locally a few times for short swims just for Eva and I to improve our routine after swimming!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day in Bath.  Eva coped remarkably well with being a tourist and enjoyed being in the pram or the sling.  There were a few loud moments like sitting on the grass in the middle of The Circus (a circle of buildings) with Eva screaming and tour buses passing!  We had cream tea in the Jane Austen tea rooms and Alison visited the Roman Baths.  I purchased some gorgeous winter boots at a shop that someone told be about in December 2007 when we found out that we would be living in Bristol.  I finally got there in June 2009!

This week we bought Eva a Bumbo seat.  It is a moulded foam seat to help her to be in the sitting position.  She is gradually getting used to it and hopefully she will be able to sit in it for eating.  

It’s time for bed now after an entertaining night of 5kg cake making of which you will see the results tomorrow!


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