Wednesday June 24th 2009

Well life seems to just be settling down into a vaguely normal rhythm and I haven’t updated the blog for a little while! We really enjoyed the visit from Aunty Ali.  There was lots of outings to the shops and coffee and also to see the sights in Bristol and Bath.  We are thankful that Aunty Ali was here to make the gorgeous 5kg and 7 month birthday cake.  It was as delicious as it looks.

Eva weighed in at 5.45kg (12lb) yesterday.  Whenever we have been on Skype lately both sets of grandparents say they have seen Eva getting bigger and she really is.  Again clothes are starting to get too small!  Luckily there is plenty more to choose from.  She really isn’t newborn size anymore which is nice.  Eva is starting to get real baby fat and look like a healthy chubby baby (almost). Her hair is really thickening and her eyelashes are longer.

Sadly Eva and I are struggling a little with breastfeeding at the moment.  I’m not sure if it is related to the amount of solids she is eating or teething. Im going to try and reduce her solids over the next few days to see if there is an improvement.  There is a local breastfeeding support group on Fridays so I think I will go there this week to get some more ideas.

One of the lovely things about going out and about with a baby is that people smile.  Lots of people smile at you and the baby and of course it is a great conversation starter.  It’s so lovely to think that Eva adds a smile to someone’s day. 

Swimming is going well.  Eva enjoys the 30 min lesson so much that she is sad when it is over!  Of course she is probably hungry and cold too!  Anyway the crying seems to have lessened which is nice.  At least other babies cry too.

Eva’s little friend Grace has been in hospital with an infection.  She is now home with her family and improving.  Please send prayers for her continued recovery.


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