Eight Month Birthday 11th July

Eight Month Birthday

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Thursday 16th July 2009

We’re coming to Australia for a holiday!  We are heading home to introduce Eva to her home and lots of loving people who are waiting to meet her.  We fly out in 1 week.  Our first stop is Melbourne then Adelaide then just Eva and I will go to Canberra while Andrew returns to work.  Baby jetlag could be fun.  Please send your prayers for the 30 hours of traveling we will be doing door-to-door.  Hopefully Eva will be having a good day.  

Today we had a follow up appointment at St Michaels Hospital with Eva’s consultant Pam.  It was all positive which of course we are delighted about.  Eva weighed 5.87kg (12lb15oz) today.  She is now up on the 9th centile on the weight chart which is lovely.  She now has real baby fat on her!  The dietician reviewed Eva and was very happy with her progress.  We will now use premmie formula instead of the stronger Infatrini to mix with her solid food.  Thus we need to provide her with some extra protein in the evening meal.  They were very happy with all the variety of solids that Eva eats.  Medications wise Eva can stop the folic acid, just continuing on Iron and multivitamins.  The sodium phosphate will not be restarted.  Sally, the physiotherapist, reviewed Eva’s development.  It seems Eva is approaching the milestones of a 5 month old (her corrected age).  Eva dutifully grabbed a toy and swapped it from hand to hand.  She didn’t follow it to the ground but she has started to do this at home in the last few days.  They were very happy with her head control and strength when sitting.  Eva was very vocal and really showing off her new talent of squealing!  We will have another appointment in 6 months time.

Breastfeeding has improved since my last post. Eva now feeds more often and from both sides which has increased my supply and thus the flow making Eva much happier.  Thank you to everyone who offered support and advice.  

Teething has really been bothering Eva this past few weeks.  It’s hard to console her at times and it must be so hard for her to understand this pain.  There are a few bumps on her gums but that’s all.  We are trying gel on her gums, paracetamol and cool things to chew which all seem to help a little.  

Swimming has continued to remain an enjoyment for Eva. Her tolerance of the post swimming clothes changing has improved dramatically with no screaming for the past 3 weeks.  This makes the whole exercise much more pleasant.  Last week Andrew came along and went in the pool with Eva.  She even gave him a smile in the water.  This week Eva was released under the water to swim to me.  It was great as I went underwater with goggles to see her swim.  We only have 1 lesson left then we will start again in September.  It has been interesting to see the other babies change and develop over this time. I think Eva is the smallest (but not youngest) in the class.

The weather here was glorious a couple of weeks ago as anyone watching Wimbledon would have seen.  There was so much sunshine and our house got very hot!  Now we have had a few days of rain to prepare ourselves for winter at home.  

Eva and I have been social catching up with Claire and Grace and Lesel and Jamie.  There are some cute photos on Flickr to show their progress.  Today Tori, one of Eva’s nurses, came to visit and to show off her beautiful 23week baby bump!  Craig and Liz came for the weekend from London to see Eva for the first time since she was 5 days old.  She was a little grumpy but gave them some lovely smiles!  

Recently Andrew and I looked back at photos of Eva when she was first home and just over 2kg.  We just can’t believe how scrawny and tiny she looked.  She was just Eva to us but now we realise why most people were just overwhelmed by her and afraid to touch her.  I have to remind myself just how well she has done to get to this stage.

Andrew’s cousin Merrilyn and her husband Colin welcomed Amy Grace into the world on July 4th at a perfect 3.3kg.  Eva is very excited about meeting the newest member of the family.