Eva and her Cooney cousins

Eva and her cousins

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Eva and I travelled to Canberra with Mum and Dad.  Here it has been relaxing with no functions to attend just daily coffee and cake. 

Although she met her cousins in Adelaide here in Canberra Eva has been able to spend more time with them.  Isabelle, 11, Henry, 10 and Zachary 7 have all enjoyed individual sleep overs.  Eva visited their school for show and tell!  Last weekend we watched Isabelle play Netball and Zachary play football.  This weekend we will see Henry play football.

During the week our friend Heather from Sydney drove down to visit and meet Eva.  During this brief visit we visited the National Portrait Gallery and the National Library.  We quickly checked out the exhibitions then headed for the coffee shop.  In the Portrait Gallery Eva really enjoyed listening to the many different vocal sounds she can make in the big space with great echoes. 

Eva has learnt to sit up managing to balance for about 5 minutes.  She can even reach for toys and look around now.  Still can’t roll over though!  Her teething pain still bothers her poor thing.  No sign of any pearly whites yet!  Eva is now enjoying rusks but still won’t have lumpy food (she just sends it straight back up!).

We are traveling back to England on Monday with Mum and Dad kindly driving us up to Sydney airport with all of our luggage!  I’m sure that Eva will behave but I really hope that there is some kind person on the plane willing to have a cuddle!


Our next stop was Adelaide.  We were lucky enough to stay at a family friend’s house whilst they were in the UK!  It was great to have space to spread out our stuff.

Eva met her Great Grandmother, Eva.  Both were delighted in each other with baby Eva giving GG Eva lots of smiles!  It was great to spend a few days with Gram watching her enjoy baby Eva.

Soon lots of family started arriving from Canberra, Perth and Sydney to celebrate Gram’s 90th Birthday.  We all moved into cabins in the caravan park close to Gram’s unit to spend time together.  With Gram’s 3 daughters and their husbands, 7 grandchildren and their partners and 11 great grandchildren it was quite a gathering!

Gram’s 90th Birthday started with morning tea for the girls while the boys played their own Semaphore Classic Golf  Tournament followed by exploring the Port Adelaide watering holes.  Andrew wasn’t victorious but had fun.  Gram had a party for 70 at the Port Adelaide Football club rooms.  A very fitting venue given her great passion for this club attending matches for the past 56 years!  We had a very social gathering in a glass fronted room overlooking the ground where the children could kick the footy.  There were lots of people for baby Eva to meet which lots of new faces to remember.  It was a delightful day.

The following day Eva was Baptised.  Actually she had been water baptised on her second day of life so we completed the baptism with anointing oil and a blessing.  It was wonderful to share such a dedication of Eva’s life to God with family and friends.  Eva’s Godparent Bridget travelled from Broken Hill to celebrate with us.  Andrew’s family travelled to Adelaide to celebrate as well.  Father Peter who married us baptised Eva in his amiable relaxed manner.  Eva was the 17th child to be baptised in the gown and the fourth generation to be baptised in Sacred Heart Church in Semaphore.  Eva very much enjoyed the occasion especially the feel and taste of the special dress!

Following the Baptism ceremony we shared afternoon tea with many family and friends who were all very patient while we tried to catch up with everyone at once! 

The family all left Adelaide as did Andrew who needed to return to work.  Of course he was very sad to leave us and had to face the long journey on his own this time.  I think Gram was pleased to have her quiet life back to normal although of course she will miss all of her family.

Eva celebrated her 9 month birthday by meeting two babies younger than her and smaller than her!  It was fun to be the big girl in the room!  Felicity and Jacob are very cute.


As you can see I have been very slack in my writing during our holiday in Australia.  There has just been so much socialising to do that I can’t keep up. 

Our 30 hour trip door to door was quite good really.  Eva was a little unsettled on the first 7 hour flight and screamed on descent which was so hard to hear.  The next flight she slept for 9 hours in the basinett and also strapped to me during several episodes of turbulance.  The descent was slightly better.  Poor thing it is hard to see her hurting and not being able to explain.   

We started our holiday in Melbourne 4 weeks ago.  At the airport Eva was reaquainted with Gran, Pop and Auntie Ali and met Uncle Mat, Amelia and Nathaniel.  Soon after Uncle Nic flew down from Sydney to meet Eva as well. 

Eva settled into her day routine straight away but did take 5 nights to realise that 2am was really time for sleeping.  Since then she still wakes every night which I am hoping will stop when we return to England.  I was really enjoying sleeping through the night! 

We had a fabulous time at Andrew’s parent’s with Eva loving the great outdoors as well as the warm open fire.  The first weekend we celebrated a Thanksgiving for Eva at Doncaster East Uniting Church.  The wonderful Lucas shared a little of our story with the congragation and blessed us all.  It was wonderful to celebrate with the members of the church who had supported us so amazingly since Eva’s birth.  Later that afternoon we welcomed many family and friends to an open house where Eva was dazzling and enjoyed chatting to lots of new faces.  How lovely it was for us to see all these special people. 

Eva enjoyed getting to know her cousins Amelia, 4 and Nathaniel, 2.  They were very happy to find her toys and deliver them.  Of course they loved having cuddles!

During the week we were preparing for the joint celebration of Robert and Ruth’s 60ths.  It was a fantastic night in the new outdoor room (busily created during the week).  We also had a family portrait shoot from which we have many gorgeous memories of the day.