Eva and I travelled to Canberra with Mum and Dad.  Here it has been relaxing with no functions to attend just daily coffee and cake. 

Although she met her cousins in Adelaide here in Canberra Eva has been able to spend more time with them.  Isabelle, 11, Henry, 10 and Zachary 7 have all enjoyed individual sleep overs.  Eva visited their school for show and tell!  Last weekend we watched Isabelle play Netball and Zachary play football.  This weekend we will see Henry play football.

During the week our friend Heather from Sydney drove down to visit and meet Eva.  During this brief visit we visited the National Portrait Gallery and the National Library.  We quickly checked out the exhibitions then headed for the coffee shop.  In the Portrait Gallery Eva really enjoyed listening to the many different vocal sounds she can make in the big space with great echoes. 

Eva has learnt to sit up managing to balance for about 5 minutes.  She can even reach for toys and look around now.  Still can’t roll over though!  Her teething pain still bothers her poor thing.  No sign of any pearly whites yet!  Eva is now enjoying rusks but still won’t have lumpy food (she just sends it straight back up!).

We are traveling back to England on Monday with Mum and Dad kindly driving us up to Sydney airport with all of our luggage!  I’m sure that Eva will behave but I really hope that there is some kind person on the plane willing to have a cuddle!


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