Ten Month Birthday

Ten Month Birthday

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Ten Month Birthday

Eva enjoyed her Ten Month Birthday a few days ago when the sun was shining here in Bristol.  She has really mastered sitting up now with much longer periods of balance and reaching for toys without wobbling.  There have of course been several falls to the floor but the crying is soon calmed with a little distraction.  When sitting up we have been stacking the blocks for her to knock.  Of course we were only able to stack the first 2 times now she is already in motion of hitting them as we are stacking!   Rolling has really moved along now too.  Eva can now roll all four directions when she wants to.  Mostly I think she just ends up on her front by accident whilst reaching for a toy!

Eva and I have returned to swimming lessons.  She was soooo happy the first lesson back and didn’t stop smiling and spashing.  She was so happy to be back in the pool it was so cute.  I have been taking Monkey along to keep her entertained after the lesson whilst getting changed.  That and the fact that she is now so into looking around means we haven’t had any tears.  Why didn’t I take Monkey along sooner?!  I have been leaving the wetsuit on for half of the lesson and she doesn’t seem to be getting too cold.  Eva is getting really confident about swimming underwater.

We were very warmly welcomed back at church where everybody thought that Eva looked much bigger and very well.

Eva has really struggled to get rid of her croup cough.  It seems to be getting much better these last two days and tonight is the first night without the humidifier in a few weeks.  Last week I had three days of Eva screaming unconsolably just as I was putting her down to sleep.  It was getting rather hard to handle so I decided to do some research and came up with cranial osteopathy done by a specialist paediatric chiropractor.  So I made an appointment and Eva and I went along.  “Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body, including the head.”  It seems that Eva had some tension in the base of her skull and pelvis which the chiropractor has been gently releasing.  We are also doing some pelvis movement exercises at home three times a day.

Already Eva’s sleep has improved with a joyful 40min morning sleep and a 2.5 hour afternoon sleep today.  I can only hope that this means tonight will be a better sleep too.  I realise that babies mean that you don’t sleep through the night ever again but getting up several times a night after she had been sleeping through is getting very tiresome!  Also after the first treatment she rolled to the right which had been the tense side that she hadn’t rolled to.  Also she has really found her toes and is grabbing them alot.  Something which she really hadn’t done yet and which we are pleased about as she needs to spend more time curling rather than stretching out (which she is really good at).  Thus we are very happy with the improvement in Eva with this treatment.

Eva is making some  very cute noises and really tries to engage in conversation now. She is constantly moving around the floor whilst lying down to reach toys.  It is lovely to see her progress all the time.  We have also increased the volume of her solids to see if that helps with sleep.  Eva continues to try new foods with papaya, corn and liver being the latest.  I can’t get her interested in stone fruit though.  Eva just loves to suck frozen Mango out of her Munchkin and is a little grumpy when it is finished!

Lucy came to visit this weekend and we enjoyed touring through some Bristol buildings for Doors Open Day.  There were many magnificent old buildings open and the weather was just beautiful.  I’ll put some photos up soon.

Home Again, a Wedding and Weigh Day!

Well Eva and I are safely home again and Eva has returned to her adoring Daddy!  They were both very pleased to see each other when Andrew met us at Heathrow.  Eva did think that it was very unfair that she had to go into her carseat and spent a great deal of the trip home telling us that!

Mum and Dad drove us up from Canberra to Sydney which went mostly smoothly except for 20 mins of screaming on the M5 just before getting to the airport.  We arrived to find out that the plane had been cancelled!  Fortunately the ground staff for Etihad were very kind and moved me to a quick line as I was traveling with a baby.  They then got me to airport hotel as quickly as possible.  We said goodbye to Nanny and Grandpa who had the long journey back home.  As a bonus Andrew’s brother Nic lives in Sydney so Eva and I were able to catch up with him. He came to the hotel to visit us and saw Eva roll over for the first time (from front to back).

The next day we didn’t have to fly out until 10pm so with the whole day free and a hotel room to store our bags in Eva and I headed into Sydney for lunch with Miss Jo (who we travelled with in 2007) in Hyde Park.  Jo last saw Eva in January so a big change for her.  Miss Jo got to have her first cuddle and Eva and I enjoyed the sunshine.  Nic came and met us for coffee and had his last cuddle of Eva for a while.

Fortunately the plane left this time which I was most relieved about after a 31 hour delay.  This first flight I had a spare seat next to me which was great to spread out our stuff.  Eva was pretty good sleeping for about 8 hours.  The second flight she only slept for an hour (out of 7) so it was a long flight for me entertaining her whilst I was very tired.  I was just so thankful that Andrew was there to meet us and drive us back to Bristol.

The night we got back we ended up in the Emergency Department of the Children’s Hospital to have Eva diagnosed with Croup, which is a swelling of the vocal cords with an awful barking cough.  Eva was coughing a lot at home and sounded very wheezy.   Of course she sounded much worse when were at home but they did give her steroids to reduce the swelling in her voice box.  We came home after a few hours and went and bought a humidifier at our first opportunity.  The nights have been much better since.  The poor thing having jet lag and croup.  Last night was only 1 episode of coughing so after a week she is much improved!

Last Saturday we went to the Wedding of Richard and Shereen, Andrew’s work colleagues in Stoke on Trent about 2 hours drive north from Bristol.  It was a beautiful service and our first experience of an English wedding where there is a formal meal at 5pm followed by more people arriving and a casual party at 8pm.  Eva was mostly very well behaved although I didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy my meal at that time of day with lots of walking and jiggling needed.

Today Eva was weighed and she is now a whopping 6.65kg (14lb 10oz)!  This means that she is now just above the 9th centile on the graph.  The graph shows that weight gain slows down from now on but it will be interesting to see what Eva does. She really does look much fuller in the face and is heavier to carry around!  Her sitting is getting better every day.  Eva has been very smiley with her Daddy and seems rather unimpressed that there is only me today no other people to play with like there has been for the past 5 weeks!

Eva seems to have settled back into routine which is great.  We have first swimming lesson tomorrow which should be interesting.  I am glad to be back to our real nappies after all the wastage of disposables.  We have had to make them bigger as with the straps on the high chair and pram.  The smallest setting no longer applies!