At the end of September we visited Venice in Italy for 3 days.  It was a lovely short break with beautiful warm weather (26-30°C).

Eva was pretty good on the plane.  We flew Easyjet, a low-cost airline, with a no seat allocation policy.  Luckily traveling with Eva we were called forward for special boarding.  However Easyjet don’t use the gates they transport passengers to the plane using buses.  So once on the bus it was a little less effective to be early boarding!  We did find our seats easily though so no drama.

Venice is just an amazing city with waterways as transport links.  We enjoyed walking the cobbled streets and using the ferry as well.  We even splurged on a Gondola ride under the Rialto Bridge.  It wasn’t cheap but when will we do it again?  The streets are very windy and there are squares where all the churches, shops and flats are situated.  We saw many delivery and rubbish boats.

We started by finding St Mark’s Square and heading into St Mark’s Basilica which was gorgeous and very detailed.  We really enjoyed the views from the roof gallery onto the Square and the amazingly ornate altar piece made with many jewels.  Whilst Eva slept we enjoyed walking around the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) where the head of the old Republic of Venice lived.  It was an amazingly lavish set of buildings with unbelievable interiors. When Eva woke she did enjoy the sound of her voice in the tall ceilinged rooms!  We walked through the attached prison complex and over the Bridge of Sighs.  We could see all of the people outside who had stopped to take a photo.  We enjoyed doing one of the Lonely Planet walking tours and finding some more hidden gems, of course many of which were churches.  The number of bridges that you step up and over was a good workout for our legs.

The next day we decided to explore Venice by water.  We caught a Vaporetto (water bus) that stopped all along the Grand Canal (the main street).  Eva wasn’t very happy by the end of the first trip.  Maybe she was upset by all the moving on water?  We found a little park (the only green we saw) and enjoyed a quick bite to eat.  We visited Museo Correr (Correr Museum) whilst Eva slept and also took some more photos in St Mark’s Square including the Bridge of Sighs that we were inside of yesterday.  The next boat trip was along the quieter Canal della Guidecca sadly past some horrible cruise ships.  These huge cruise ships create problems for the city foundations with massive waves and also create an enormous problem with the sulphur emissions that are literally eating away at the city’s stonework.  The next boat trip was a ferry to the Island of Murano famous for it’s glass making.  Being a Sunday afternoon we didn’t see any glass makers in action but we did visit the Glass Museum.  Eva had her first taste of Gelato but thought it a bit cold for her liking!

The final day we enjoyed another Lonely Planet walking tour which took us through some very quiet streets where we saw locals and life going on amidst the canals/streets.  We stopped for a lovely coffee at Campo Santa Margherita where we also returned for tea at night.  It was quiet in the morning and full of life in the evening.  It had just a gorgeous feel I thought!  We saw a moored fruit and vegetable boat, the rubbish collection boat, a fire fighting boat and a gondola building workshop on our walk.   While Eva slept we visited the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.  One lady’s collection of very unique modern art.  We also really enjoyed the view from the patio overlooking the Grand Canal with all of it’s activities.  Our special treat for ourselves was a Gondola ride.  Possibly the most outrageously expensive 25minutes ever spent on a method of transport but we did love it.  Eva enjoyed the smooth ride and we enjoyed it very much too.  We caught our gondola underneath the Rialto Bridge.

We stayed in the Novotel on the mainland and caught the local bus into the centre of Venice each day.  We used the Karime Sling for Eva and it was fabulous.  Definitely not a place for a stroller with the many bridges with steps!  Eva faced out whilst we were sightseeing and happily faced us to sleep.  We used these times to visit museums and be constantly moving to keep her settled.  Overall we were able to keep to her daysleep routine pretty well.  Eva ate really well seeing as we didn’t heat her food like we normally would at home.  She was very happy to drink water out of Daddy’s bottle but not her cup.  Eva breastfed really well whenever and wherever she needed to.  How I love the convenience of breastfeeding!

Next trip is Marrakesh in Morocco for a week before Eva’s birthday.  I’ll let you know about that then!


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