It’s November

This past week I have been really reflecting on the events of a year ago.  My mum was here visiting and my last pregnancy photo was on October 30th.  How great is our God – Eva is here with us because of God’s grace and we will always be thankful.  How amazing to think that we knew nothing about what would happen in the following week.  It’s just amazing to see her sitting here playing and babbling compared to the fragile, vulnerable baby when she was born.

It seems Eva isn’t too interested in becoming mobile!  I am quite happy with this but it would be nice if she enjoyed rolling.  Eva sits like a Queen on her play blanket and when her toys have all moved too far away for her to reach she just complains until we move them close again.  Maybe falling on some toys has meant that she is wary.  Eva is just not interested in rolling but happy to reach for toys and then come back to the centre again.  Eva just loves standing up and especially bouncing.  We aren’t meant to encourage this too much as she will miss the developmental stage of crawling but sometimes it’s all we can do to avoid the grumpiness.  Maybe she will just up and walk sometime???

It seems we have really lost the volume control button for Eva.  Lately she is squealing lots, it used to be just when she was tired.  I suppose it is just learning about her voice.  Hopefully it is just a phase.  This week Grace visited with her 6-year old brother Kyran and Eva’s noisy outbursts made Grace cry!  I hope that this isn’t the start of harassment by Eva.  Eva really enjoyed Kyran’s visit with lots of giggling in response to his entertainment.

We are a week on from daylight savings and we have adjusted I think!  Andrew has had a very busy week so we were up early anyway.  Now the sun is setting at 4.45pm so winter is really on the way.  At least a little bit of daylight is present when Andrew leaves for work in the morning.

Last weekend my Aunty Jude and Uncle Adrian fitted us into their busy tourist schedule for a quick visit.  Eva really enjoyed more people to give cuddles and help her to stand and bounce.  Especially fun were Aunty Jude’s glasses and earrings. I am in the no jewelry phase so she thought that was great.

In 4 sleeps we are off to Marrakesh in Morocco for a 6 day break.  We are looking forward to being somewhere else next Thursday when it will be a year from when we went into hospital in labour!


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