A Special Cuddle!

Today is 12 months on from the first time I ever held Eva, a week after she was born.  It was such a precious moment after watching her in an incubator for a week. I now realise that for her gestation I was very fortunate to hold her so soon after birth.  Also today is Jamie’s birthday and the first time Claire saw Grace (she was 2 days old) so it is a special day all round.

Today I have also done lots of holding of Eva as she isn’t well again.  I took her to the GP yesterday as we were beginning to worry about her cough.  It seems that she has another chest infection and so is on more antibiotics to prevent any further deterioration.  Yesterday and  today she has slept better so it seems to have really helped her mood.  Some sleeps she is having in the cot others she needs to be in the sling.  Poor thing just has a stream coming out of her nose all the time.  She just looks at us after a sneeze saying “Please help me!”.  Eva is in good spirits most of the time. It seems that as soon as we get her back to sleeping through the night something new crops up.

Also I’m a bit worried about her eating and thus weight gain.  Each sickness and also during traveling Eva eats less than normal.  Eva needs her 12 month immunisations so I thought I would get her weighted at the same time.  However she can’t have injections when sick.  So I might just get her weighed next week anyway.  We have an appointment at the hospital on the 3rd.

Twice this week Eva has said “Ma Ma” when babbling.  Of course I know it has no relation to me it’s just sounds to her but still it makes my heart melt!  She has been saying “Da Da” for a while now.

Eva’s eczema really flared up in Morocco which we think was mostly due to a packaged food which had heaps of tomatoes. Also it probably was the dry heat and lots of changes to sleeping.  Also I am wondering if the aubergine (eggplant) that I ate every night affected her seeing as it is part of the same plant family.  Since being back in Bristol it has really improved again.  It seems she in intolerant to tomato, red pepper (capsicum) and peas.  I am also avoiding white potatoes as they are also part of the nightshade family of plants.  The great news about childhood intolerances is that they are just a nuisance and children grow out of them.  So I will try out these foods again in a few months.

“Sun”set is now 4.15!  I say “sun” because a sighting of that is rare.  Lots of gray clouds and rain.  I have been telling Eva to check out the rain incase she doesn’t get to see any when she returns home!


One thought on “A Special Cuddle!

  1. Lovely to catch up on the blog again and the recent photos of Eva. How cute she looks for her 1st birthday photos! What a lovely birthday present for Ruth and Nic – flights on the 12th. Much love Mim

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