Moving Day!

Today our possessions were packed into boxes and are on their way to our home in Blackburn North. The journey may take them up to 3 months and started today with 12 hours of packing!  Somehow it seemed to take a really long time for them to pack and move the contents of our 2 bedroom apartment and no they didn’t take long breaks.  It seems the assessor may have underestimated the volume so they only came with a small van and 2 men. Later in the day, after a trip to empty the small van, a third man joined them.  There was David with a really broad Bristolian accent that I had to concentrate very hard on and 2 Simons.

Eva did really well with the chaos around her.  She is a little worried about what is happening I think but tomorrow we will go there and see an empty house.  Luckily Rathi who lives in our apartment block had Eva at her place for her big sleep.  So Eva stayed there and woke up to watch some TV with Thanvi who is 8 months old.  It was really strange being in the house without her.  It is the first time I have left Eva with anyone else.  Eva was excited with arm flapping and a big smile when I arrived to collect her but was happy to just continue playing.  I am pleased that she was happy to be somewhere else without either Andrew or I.  Other than that she did have a few sleeps in the sling.

I did manage to get a little bit of cleaning done in between so that is less for tomorrow. Andrew was in and out for most of the day helping with deconstructing Ikea bookcases and entertaining Eva.

We are all very tired and looking forward to yummy food and a good sleep.  Tomorrow night Jackie and Tony are driving from Thame just to have dinner with us!


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