Not Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Well we didn’t get on our plane to Australia yesterday!  Poor Eva isn’t well again.  The night before we were due to fly she was grizzly and restless with a runny nose but we put it down to lots of change and in a strange place yet again. At 2am she was crying in her sleep and I found her roasting and very red all over.  After stripping her off we found that her temperature was 39.8°C.  After some paracetamol and a tepid wash we were worried as she didn’t seem any cooler without clothes on.  We were staying in an airport hotel so Andrew went to ask reception if they had access to a GP service.  They would only call a private doctor so we decided to ring an ambulance.  It took about 40 mins to come but they did call in that time to check that we were ok. Eva was ok just unsettled and grumpy, not as listless as previously.  The ambulance officers decided it was best to take her to the local hospital given her history of prematurity.

So off we went to the Hillingdon Hospital about 10mins away.  We were there a long time before any doctor came to assess Eva but luckily they did put us in a room in emergency so Eva and I could at least lie down to sleep.  Her temperature kept coming down with her set of observations and her oxygen levels were good for her.  When the doctor came to see Eva (after about 2 hours) she diagnosed Viral Bronchiolitis which Eva had in October and advised us not to fly for 7 days.  This is because bronchiolitis worsens between day 3-5 and Eva has had low oxygen levels with this virus previously.  Eva had a chest xray which showed possible shadowing indicating a chest infection.  Although it was felt that antibiotics weren’t essential they opted to give her Augmentin seeing as we were preparing for a flight.  We are concerned that this is the 3rd lot of antibiotics within 2 months and just hope that her body will recover when she gets to warmer weather.

So back we went to the hotel with a still very hot little girl and the antibiotics and flights to change.  After a few hours of rearranging schedules and making decisions we managed to change our flights.  The next available flights are December 22nd which still gets us home for Christmas.  Andrew has decided to stay with Eva and I as he was nervous about being on the other side of the world if Eva because more unwell.  Now he will start work in January.  This gives us a lovely relaxing break now.  Maybe God had a plan to make us slow down and have more than 6 hours of sleep like we have had the past month.  Although we would like to be at home we realise that there is nothing we can do.

Now we are staying with Jackie and Tony in Thame, Oxfordshire.  They have kindly given us a warm home, yummy food and transport to and from Heathrow!  We are so lucky.  Eva has two more adults to dote upon her which is lucky as she doesn’t really want to be put down just now.  So far they are tolerant of the nose blowing and coughing but the early morning crying may wear a little thin.

The past 24 hours have seen Eva continue to have temperature spikes and a worsening cough.   Luckily she seems to be able to sleep alright which is a big blessing.  Today this house has been transformed into a Christmas Grotto with sparkling lights and Christmas trees.  We had Christmas music playing.  It is lovely being into the Christmas spirit.  Friday, before Eva was unwell, we spent the day touring London while Andrew had a last day at work.  I think that she enjoyed the horses at Buckingham Palace!

We are happy sitting here hoping Eva improves soon.  Also Andrew and I have the flu so this will be good for us to get better too.  I am so relieved not to have any more packing or house cleaning to do!


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