It’s Snowing!

This morning we woke up to a blanket of white over the rooftops and gardens.  What a treat to stay a bit longer in England but to see snow as a reward.  Of course those that actually had to go out in it weren’t so excited I’m sure.  It looked so pretty especially with the brief sunshine this morning.  The snow has melted a little but there is meant to be more overnight.  Sunrise is 8.07 and sunset 3.55 so it is short days here now.

Eva went to the local GP this afternoon to have a check-up a week after her antibiotics started.  Dr Kole was happy with her progress (based on our description).  He felt that she was definitiely on the improve which has definitiely been the case this afternoon.  Dr Kole listened to Eva’s chest, checked her throat and ears and was happy that nothing sinister was lingering.  Days 5 & 6 (Wednesday and Thursday) were the peak of her viral illness with lots of drowsiness and sleeping along with lots of complaining and needing mummy when awake. Eva hasn’t slept well the past few nights which means no one has slept through the night! Thank goodness for the patience of Jackie and Tony.  Hopefully the coughing will decrease tonight and she can settle.  Her day sleeps have been better and she has had some more awake time today.  We feel confident that things are on the improve so wait patiently for our flights on Tuesday.

Last night Jackie had one of her son’s and his family here for Christmas dinner and we were privileged to join in.  What fun to have a Christmas dinner in the cold of Winter a week from our Christmas dinner in the heat of Summer.  Turkey with full trimmings including the delicious bread sauce (cloves, bread and milk).  The house is full of Christmas lights which of course we can enjoy from 3.30pm onwards.  One advantage to an early sunset!

It is exciting to be so close to getting home now.  We have been busy with Eva and resting so we haven’t really had time to focus on the fact that we aren’t home yet.  I have been out every day into the gorgeous village of Thame just to explore.  What a lovely place this would be to live if we had to chose somewhere in England that is!


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