A Wedding in Perth

Our timing for our return to Australia was perfect because we were able to spend Christmas and New Year with our family and also it gave us the opportunity to celebrate the wedding of Emma and Luke in Perth on January 9th.  Emma is my cousin and was my lovely bridesmaid in red (at my request I will add).

Eva and I spent a week in Perth while Andrew was only able to fly in for the weekend given that he had just started his new job.  Poor Eva had to adjust to a new time zone (a three hour time difference).  Luckily this really worked to our advantage for the first 3 days where I left her on NSW time which meant that she was in bed by 5pm  also meant that she thought that 4 was the new 7 in the mornings!  We stayed with friends Catherine and Glenn who have Felicity who is 8 months old.  They were happy to look after Eva in the evenings which meant that I didn’t have a grumpy girl with me during socialising or the wedding reception, yeah!

Emma and Luke’s wedding was an amazing celebration of their love for each other.  The ceremony was just beautiful and tailored just for them.  Their very special dog Sophie was the ring bearer and did a great job.  The bridesmaids wore 3 different colours and had very twirly dresses.  The reception was fantastic with amazing food and wine.  Lots of dancing and joy shared and wonderful speeches throughout the night.  More than half of the guests had traveled from either interstate or overseas.

It was great to be in Perth to catch up with family and for a few more people to meet Eva for the first time.  Eva spent time with her second cousin Cerise who is 18 months and running around.  Eva mostly like playing with a new range of toys.  They were really cute and shared their lunch when sitting in high chairs next to each other.  In the car with Eva facing rearwards and Cerise forwards they seemed to be chatting a little.

We had a fun time staying with Catherine and Glenn and getting to know Felicity to whom Andrew and I are Godparents.  Felicity and Eva learnt about the sharing of toys with Eva clearly being the more brutish and frequently removing the toy from Felicity’s hands!  Both girls were doing crawling practice.  Eva loved to watch and touch their cat Timmy.  Felicity eats wonderfully and really inspired me to move Eva along with finger foods.  Hopefully Eva will take Felicity’s lead with food.  Catherine and I took several opportunities to enjoy coffee and cake at the local shopping centres.  It was great to have the opportunity to have long conversations not just via email!


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