My Baby Crawls (a little)!

I figured seeing as I updated the teething news out of sequence with the blogs I should update the crawling news too!

Early in January Eva began to look like moving forward on her tummy not just twirling in a circle.  On our return to Melbourne a week ago I saw her shuffle a little forwards.  Over the weekend she really began to move especially motivated by her cousins on Sunday afternoon.

I took a video of Eva really keen to get the singing bus on Tuesday and she hasn’t really moved more than that since then. Eva likes to roll onto her back and shuffle backwards using her head as she must find it quicker and easier.  Unfortunately this is not a good pattern of movement to learn so we have to roll her back around which she then thinks is a fun game. It is amazing to watch her hitch her legs up and hoist herself forwards.  How clever is the human brain that it can learn all this stuff?  It has taken her a while but we got there in the end.

I’ll let you know what she gets into once her speed improves!


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