Rediscovering an old favourite



Guess what?  Today, in honour of her “Birthday” (she is now 12 months corrected), Eva achieved 10 times her birth weight.  Today she weighed in at 7.9kg and I was so excited.  That means a 200g increase in just two weeks.  Isn’t that fantastic?  This is definitely something she will achieve way before any full term baby.  I have been really trying to feed her more often with more food with the help of Gran and Auntie Ali .  Thus we are now at the highchair 5 times a day and the dividends are paying off!

We visited a new consultant today.  Dr Dan was wearing shorts and very old tennis shoes and I liked him immediately.  Dr Dan had previously worked in Bristol which is great as he can picture just where we have been.  Dr Dan was very happy with Eva’s progress and completed a full physical check on her. Eva told him not so politely that she doesn’t like lying down on her back anymore. He found that Eva likes to tippy toe when standing which is another premmie baby thing.  Just something we have to watch for the future.  Also we talked about Asthma and he agreed that we will have to watch her closely in the Winter when the viruses are more virulent as she may be more susceptible to illness and Asthma.   Eva demonstrated beautifully her new talent for sitting from crawling and eating finger food.  She chatted the whole time which he thought was perhaps too much, I don’t know where she gets that from!  He ordered some blood tests for Eva just to have a baseline to compare any future results.  We will get them done on Saturday.  Eva now has to have a needle in her arm like the rest of us not a heel prick, poor thing. We will see Dr Dan in 3 months when he will add Eva to a longer term premature baby follow up.  I came away from the appointment very pleased.

Our stuff all arrived yesterday and is mostly unpacked but certainly not in the right place yet!  More deliveries are coming tomorrow.  We plan to sleep in our house tomorrow night for the first time ever since owning it in 2005.

Eva came home a year ago today!

Today we celebrated another milestone a year on. Eva joined us at home to make our family complete for the first time.  I remember it being quite a challenging night with lots of disruptions!  Hopefully tonight will be full of peace and quiet.  We had such joy to have her with us to cuddle when we wanted.

We shared this day with Claire and Barry who took Grace home for the first time at the same time as us.

Today Eva and I went to playgroup and then went to our house to do some final cleaning before our move tomorrow.  Must go go to bed now to get some sleep.

The Music of My Life

Driving around more in the car than ever with Eva has meant that the music of my life has taken a new turn.  I now enjoy the sounds of The Wiggles, Hi-5 and Playschool as we make our journeys.  My favourites however are the Rockabye Baby Lullabys with soothing music from Coldplay, U2, The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead.  It is good for Eva to sleep to and doesn’t have the same “song stuck in your head” lyrics of the bobby children’s music!

Occasionally I can have Classic FM or Light FM playing but not often yet!

We are busy at the moment preparing to move into our house.  Our belongings should be delivered on Wednesday which is exciting.  We probably won’t move in until our new bed and fridge arrive.  We have been at the house doing some odd jobs with the help of Ruth and Bob (Andrew’s parents).  Nothing that can’t be done with us there but nice to get it out of the way.  I have been busy during the week organising quotes for various jobs.  We had some free insullation installed last week just in time before the government grant ran out.

Eva cut a new tooth today on the top in the middle.  Yesterday she learnt how to sit up from crawling.  It has been a very busy weekend for her.  Eva is jut changing all the time.  I am amazed at how much she can learn each day!

Andrew not feeling too good at the moment with a respiratory infection.  He has rested lots this weekend and hopes to feel better this week.  Fortunately he has Wednesday off to help with the moving in.

We have a busy week ahead but it is exciting.