10.2.10 Still so small!

Today was our first Maternal and Baby Health Clinic Visit.  The nurse was a little overwhelmed with all the paperwork she had to fill in and give to me.  The nurse was delighted with Eva’s progress.  Eva’s weight was 7.705kg (16lb 15oz).  This is only a 255g gain in 2 months and back below the 9th centile, which was a bit disappointing.

Of course there are lots of very sensible reasons why the gain has slowed.  Eva lost weight in December when she was unwell.  She has decreased the amount of lumpy purees that she will let us feed her and prefers finger food. Eva is now moving so using up more energy.  Also her length increased from the 9th centile to the 50th centile on the chart thus why she looks so long.

I am sad about her slow gain despite the fact that everyone tells me that it isn’t a problem.  I had been trying so hard not to focus on this upcoming appointment but just over the past week I started to hope that maybe Eva would be up to 8kg.  Andrew is wonderful but has decided that he isn’t going to let her weight bother her anymore, which is good for him.  I tried to explain to him that it is like the feeling of disappointment that he gets when a bad result comes in for his hotel and he seemed to understand a little better.  I am her mother and it is my responsibility to get her weight to increase.

So now I need to try a lot harder to get Eva to eat calorie-dense yet nutritious food.  Of course sometimes regardless of how hard I try Eva will do what Eva wants.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will feel brighter.  Eva isn’t her good self at the moment as another tooth seems to be appearing.

Trying to be positive Eva does get good wear out of each clothes size and it will be a while before she reaches the 12kg car seat limit!

There is a photo on Andrew’s parents fridge from Day 5 with Eva wearing Andrew’s wedding ring as an armband.  Every day I get to look at this and remember how lucky we are to share our lives with Eva.


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