Last week’s happenings

Last week was a busy week with lots of firsts.  Now that school has recommenced so have children’s activities.  We went to the first Gymbaroo session.  This is going to be great for her gross motor skills i.e. crawling!  We have free play on mats and equipment first then some songs and movements as a group then more free time.  It is fun but very tiring for Eva.

Also we went to our first Babyswim lesson.  It is run by a woman named Cookie from her home pool. Cookie is absolutely passionate about Babyswim, which translates to being obsessed with teaching us skills.  Her focus is on frequency of swims during the week and also correct technique.  It is very different to the swimming lessons in Bristol but I am really impressed so far.  Eva is the smallest baby there and they are all April/May babies!  I still find it hard when I see how small Eva is even though I realise with part of me that it is irrational.  One baby is already 12kg!

We went to playgroup at church, which was small for the first week back.  Eva enjoys the chance to crawl around and explore the new toys.

Also Eva and I were invited to join three other mums from church who meet on a Friday with their babies ranging from 6-9months.  It was a lovely morning together getting to know each other.  It’s easier when you have a common bond with babies.  Of course Eva was the smallest (including the 6 month old) and the other two 9-month old girls were crawling everywhere.  But Eva was better at fine motor skills like putting objects into small spaces.  It was great to be with a group of breastfeeding mums to share our experiences.

As well as all this learning and socialising I have been trying to organise quotes for various jobs needing done around our house.  This is a seemingly never ending job!  It looks like our ship is due into Melbourne tomorrow but then customs may take up to 14 working days.  We are getting closer.


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