Eva’s amazing progress

Well it’s been ages since I’ve updated but we’ve been busy.  It’s almost 3 weeks since we started living in our home.  During this time Andrew was getting over his illness and Eva and I became unwell the day we moved in.  We are now all feeling better and hopefully will be more communicative.

On Monday March 1st Eva crawled on all fours for the first time.  It was a bit sporadic that day but since then she hasn’t stopped.  Now that she can move quickly she loves to do circuits around the house down the hallway and through the kitchen to get back to the lounge!  Eva loves to carry “treasures” with her from one place to another.  This is either in her hand or mouth and looks so cute.

Climbing followed that same week when I found her in the fireplace (there are 2 small steps) numerous times a day.  Eva loves to climb anything it seems.   All steps and stairs look like a fun activity.  At Gymbaroo there is lots of climbing so she loves that.

The first time I found her in the fireplace she got down and clapped her hands for the first time ever!  As if to try and appease me for the soot all over her she showed me a new trick.

Another trick is door opening and closing (not cupboards yet, just internal doors).  I love watching her move the door and then realise that she has to move herself.

This week Eva is at the stage of pulling up on furniture or people or anything.  Eva has always been strong in standing so she really enjoys this.  Of course all this means that we have entered the busiest time in Eva’s life.  When Eva was tiny people would tell me that “newborns are easy, just wait until they move”.  I now understand what they mean!

We have set a book shelf up in her room and Eva enjoys pulling the books off (of course) but she also does enjoy looking through them.  Spot books are great at the moment as she loves to open the flaps.

I can’t believe how much a child’s brain can learn every day!

All of this while being unwell with a respiratory and ear infection and on antibiotics again!  I can’t imagine how quickly she would be developing if she stayed well.  Eva’s blood results from the neonatologist visit were all good which is a relief.  Sleeping has been a challenge overnight while she was unwell and suffering from teething pain I think.  She was up 3-4 times a night, which just makes us all very tired.  Touch wood that this has improved dramatically since Tuesday.

On Tuesday (16th March) Eva cut another tooth, her first bottom tooth.  I was very relieved to feel the tooth as her temperament had been just horrible for 3 days and I was beginning to attribute it to toddlerhood.  We are steeling ourselves for upcoming major tantrums and I am trying to speed read toddler books.  It seems today that another top tooth is just cutting too.


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