Three Girls and A Boy

Last Friday Eva and I hosted a lunch at our house where there were 3 girls and a boy.  Hallie and Ella are 11 months and Joshua is 7 months.  Along with their mums Lisa, Cathy and Alison we shared lunch together at our first (non-family) social gathering at our house.

Eva was just so excited to show her friends around the house.  Excitedly going up to each of them at their arrival to chat about being here.  She then attempted to get them to follow her in a circuit of the house.  The girls are all mobile and cruising the furniture.  They all had to be in the same place and the same time of course. Thus the photo of them all visiting me above.

Poor Joshua is thinking about crawling but in the meantime seems to get targeted by the girls who are trying to be friendly of course but still need to learn about gentle.  Just wait to he can move girls!

It was a fun day where Eva and I enjoyed having people at our house and sharing yummy food too.  It is great to socialise with a group of mums who are all still breastfeeding and happy to share tips and hints and babyrearing!


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