Our Home

What a fun, exciting and busy time it has been since we moved into our home 5 weeks ago!  Moving day was busy with the truck here at 7am and gone again by 9am.  Fortunately the deal was that they unpacked everything so most of the boxes and paper were also gone by 9am leaving us a whole heap of stuff on the benchtops and floor to put away.  We had 2 days before we stayed here to find a place for the essentials.  I really hate this process so it wasn’t much fun.  Luckily we have a spare bedroom which was full of boxes which I am slowly still making my way through.

We have all this space to enjoy now.  This is the first time we have lived in this house that we have shared with the bank since July 2005.  This is the first time we have lived in a house in our 5 year marriage, it has always been flats and apartments.  Andrew has a garage/shed and I have a Hills Hoist clothes line so we are very excited about having a backyard.  Eva of course loves the outdoors and just really enjoys crawling around out there.   We look forward to making changes in the garden which is rather boring currently.  There isn’t even a tree on our property!  Eva enjoys cruising around the house finding anything at her level/reach to explore.

We we became owners of this 1969 orange brick veneer home we (and many helpers) did a refurbishment which involved ripping up the carpet, washing everything to remove the layers of nicotine courtesy of the previous owner, minor wall repairs, a total repaint inside and installing gas underfloor heating. Since then we have also had a replacement kitchen installed which is a joy compared to the previous 1960’s version.  Of course we sit here and dream of further major changes that we may make in the future but for now we fit here perfectly.

I have put photos here as a walking tour through the house.  Soon I’ll find the photos from 2005 to show the changes.

We have been so blessed that Andrew’s parents have spent many hours here helping out with all the jobs that needed doing.  Luckily for us Ruth loves painting and has revived the exterior trim from a horrid yellow to a gorgeous cream.  I can’t believe the difference this has made.  Bob just loves any jobs and hopefully is teaching Andrew his tricks along the way!

We wish everyone a great Easter as you hopefully celebrate with family and remember the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Hopefully the Easter Bilby visits you on Sunday morning.


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