Wood, Wood and more Wood

We have a very big pile of beautifully cut wood sitting in our backyard ready for the cool months and open fires in our living room.

Andrew and Bob (his Dad) worked very hard all day Sunday to make this pile of wood.  Luckily they hired a very efficient log splitter which cut the logs with it’s very sharp blade very quickly.  I know that we wouldn’t have a fire all Winter if this had to be done manually with an axe.   I did help out during Eva’s sleep just stacking the wood for cutting, never in charge of the machine!  We certainly moved lots of bugs from their homes on Sunday and also a rat apparently which fortunately I didn’t see (not sure why Andrew even told me about that!).

Now we have to stack the wood and then get ourselves organised to have a fire in Winter.

Also on Sunday (it was a Jewish company so they had their day of rest on Saturday) we had our insect screens installed so now I can open windows and doors without entertaining whole families of flies.  Of course this week it has been cold and I haven’t needed any fresh air but it will be great on those sunny days.


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