Eva’s New Carpet

With floorboards throughout the house we need some nice cosy floor coverings in each room.  It has taken us a while but we have finally purchased a carpet for Eva’s room.  She now has this cosy purple carpet to crawl across.

This carpet is from Carpets for Communities who work in Cambodia to empower mothers to break the cycle of poverty.  We saw a program on them near Christmas and we knew we wanted one but have taken some time to decide.  The carpet is made of post production t-shirt cotton purchased or donated from the garment factories in Cambodia and hessian sacks (used rice bags) purchased from local communities.  The material is cut and rolled and hooked through.

When I went to the market stall to buy the carpet I was handed a photo of the family working on Eva’s carpet.

I had tears in my eyes.  I never imagined we would be able to know who made her rug.  The mother has died but the father has been allowed to continue the production of carpets. There are two sons in the photo.  I hope that our contribution may mean that they have the opportunity to go to school.

The carpet is very soft and nice to feel underfoot. We went to look at a display at a shop first then emailed the volunteers who tracked down the colour and size that we were after.  They sell the rugs through shops and also volunteers run market stalls.  All the details are here. There are many shapes, sizes and colour combinations to choose from.

We are very proud of our investment and hope that you consider Carpets for Communities next time you would like a cosy feel underfoot.


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