We had a fabulous long weekend with time for some gardening.  We “trimmed” some overhanging branches, planted seedlings, mowed and made space for more stacked wood.

We went on a trip to Bunnings (luckily only 2.5 kilometres away) and made several purchases including the new blue wheelbarrow.

I managed to plant some seedlings whilst Eva slept this afternoon which was a blessing because nothing can be done in the garden with a one-year-old except play and having fun.  Eva has explored the pots and only pulled out one seedling so far.  The feel of freshly watered soil and the temptation of lush green plants just little person size is just too great. Hopefully some will last long enough for her to enjoy pulling off the flowers.

Andrew trimmed lots of overhanging branches from our neighbour that has created a big garden waste pile and made the back corner of the garden brighter.  He also made more space for me to stack wood this week and dug up the stones from the front garden bed for me to plant in.  Needless to say he is feeling a little tired after all this effort.

After handing in two essays this week Andrew had time to do other household tasks like installing weather seals along the external doors, putting up a doorbell, installing an ironing board holder and installing a water saving shower head.  We also had a chest of drawers arrive for Eva’s room so we put her clothes in then moved it around the room several times until I was happy.   It’s been a busy time in our house!


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