Sweet Sleep

Clearly Eva read my post yesterday and realised that I wasn’t so happy.  Or maybe it was that Daddy was home again.  Eva slept beautifully last night as did we all.  Enough energy was gained that this is what she got up to this morning:

This morning when Andrew went in to her room after she woke up she got so excited to see him and was busy chanting “Dada”.  She really missed him this trip away.

We are off to swimming this morning so I’m glad we are feeling refreshed.


Sleep, How I Miss Thee

Eva isn’t too keen on sleeping through the night this past week.  Now of course I understand that parenting a small child means that sleeping through the night is a bonus not a given however when I know that she can do it it’s hard to go back to getting up.  I miss those blocks of sleep where I wake up feeling refreshed.  Eva must also miss feeling refreshed. Andrew has been in Sydney for work the past two nights so maybe he is feeling slightly more refreshed.

Everything suffers with sleep deprivation.  I have no motivation, energy, Andrew and I get grumpy with each other and I eat badly during the day to try and find some energy.  Eva is also irritable and needs to spend every waking minute right where I am.  Of course for lots of people life with a small person is worse and the sleepless nights never end so I really shouldn’t complain but it makes me feel better to get it off my chest. My mum tells me that I didn’t sleep through the night until I went to school so I guess I am lucky to have had some sleep throughs already.

Today Eva had her chicken pox and first of the rotavirus immunisations and this means that she has had a great sleep this afternoon. It seems that the virus that has been bothering her this week (which I presume cause of the distress at night) is a mild case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  She has had hardly any spots on her hands and feet but a rash around her nose and mouth and bottom.  Poor love. She had a fever on Monday night and actually slept a big stretch fighting that.  I even woke in the night and went to check her seeing as we hadn’t been up yet!

What I find hardest is that she is so distressed when she wakes and back arches when I pick her up instead of relaxing in my arms.  Also she has really been off her food this week so trying to get anything in has been a failure.  Eva’s appetite is picking up now though which is great.

This page of Why I Love My Mummy reminds me that Eva loves me and that’s why I get all the tricky behaviour as well as the fun stuff:

Eva and I are both really looking forward to Andrew’s return tonight.  She has been chanting Dada in the evenings just hoping that he will pop out from somewhere to give her a cuddle and a kiss.

A New Obsession in Our House

As of yesterday afternoon Eva can walk gingerly pushing a block trolley.  She was standing at the coffee table and reached for the trolley with one hand.  I helped her to put the other hand on and she was off!  The first few laps of the lounge room were very hesitant of course but then she got the hang of it and before bed she was doing laps around the house with Daddy following for steering adjustment.  It was amazing to watch how quickly she learnt the skill and adjusted her technique.  Most importantly she was walking flat footed which is great as preemies tend to walk on tippy toes.

Andrew and I were so happy and proud to see her progress to this stage.  It is another milestone that was hard to imagine all those days ago sitting at her humidicrib willing her heart rate to stop jumping up.  Our friend Bindy was here to help out and witness this special learning that Eva was doing.  With the wonder of Skype my mum and dad were even able to watch her from Canberra!

Eva didn’t seem to tire of the pushing and even went back to the hallway to find the trolley and push again.  I think it is a new obsession for her.  I loved that even when she fell over while practicing she was holding onto the trolley with two hands!  Can’t wait to see what today holds in store for us.

A Dr Dan Visit

Eva had a further follow up with Dr Dan, the neonatal consultant we first saw in February.  Overall he was very pleased with Eva’s development and was again fantastic at spending time with us and listening to our questions.

Eva’s weight was 8.88kg (19lb 6oz).  I really like these scales because they weigh heavier than our maternal health clinic and make it seem like Eva is stacking on the weight!  That is just short of a kilo gained in 3 months and has jumped her from the 2nd to 9th centile on the chart.  I am proud of that!  Her height and head circumference are on the 25th centile.

Eva did some good demonstrations of play using left and right hands and cruising with a small step from the table to me.  She also demonstrated lovely lying on the floor and melting down toddler style when I took something away.  Eva helped Dr Dan to take her top over her head, which he thought was very good and she showed good fine motor skills by eating sultanas.  Eva pointed to the posters of babies and said “baba” and talked about “Dada” too.

Eva is still standing on tippy toes at times when upright but fortunately not constantly.  Eva is being referred to a Growth and Development Clinic where her physical and psychological development will be assessed and any further intervention will be initiated.

We discussed further immunisations. Eva is due for chicken pox and didn’t have the rotavirus vaccine in the UK so needs it now.  I will have to take her to the Mercy Hospital when Dr Dan consults to have these done because the rotavirus is only licensed at the GP when the child is under 6 months.  It’s a little tricky that the vaccination schedules are different in the two countries.

Dr Dan again discussed the likelihood of asthma appearing in the near future with Winter on it’s way.   We just have to sit it out and see how her body reacts to the viruses it is faced with.

Eva’s upper middle teeth have some indentations on them.  I was concerned that it was decay or a knock to them but Dr Dan thinks that it is most likely a malformation of the enamel.  Tooth enamel is formed after birth at which point Eva may not have had the right balance of minerals in her body to form it properly.  Anyway next stop is a paediatric dentist for assessment.

Eva woke up with puffy eyes and a small rash around her nose. Dr Dan thought that this might be a sign that she was coming down with a viral illness.  Overnight she was upset several times so maybe something is brewing.

Eva was very tired by the end of the appointment and fell asleep within minutes of being in the car.  It’s hard work entertaining yourself in the waiting room and then performing for the Dr!

Me Time

Lately I have really been enjoying more me time.  Although I love being in 24 hour employment inside my home, have no desire to work outside our home and love spending time like this:

it is also nice to do things for myself too.  It has taken me a while to realise this.

Thanks to my beautiful husband I am able to go to a camera course on a Tuesday evening while he is home with Eva.  Don’t expect miracles with the photos I just want to know how to use the features on Andrew’s snazzy camera to my advantage.  It is a 7 week course at Tafe and this week we even had homework (which of course Andrew did help me with)!  When I come home the dishes are done and the kitchen is tidy. My idea of domestic heaven!

Also I have joined the fitness centre with a pool and classes that I enjoy.  It is so great to be back into Pump classes and lap swimming, I really missed them both.  Alison (my sister-in-law) and I do babysitting for each other twice a week so that we can avoid the cost of the creche and that works really well.  It also keeps us accountable for the time we should be exercising.

Yesterday I went to a Gold Class movie which was part of an organised Partner’s event run by Andrew’s regional office.  They were saying thank you for all the support we give our husbands to help them to be fantastic at their job.  The movie was “When In Rome” a very corny chic flick but it didn’t matter to me as I lay back in the very comfortable seat sipping bubbly, eating popcorn and licking my mint choc top.  What was interesting about meeting the other wives was how often we had all moved for work (on average 4-6 times with Accor) and that there was only a couple of locals the rest of us were foreigners in Melbourne.

I have feeling much better about myself and more positive towards day to day life with all this refreshing change.

Sleep No More

Eva dropped her morning sleep today so we are now down to just one afternoon sleep!  I have seen this coming for at least 3 weeks when she has been taking up to 20 minutes to fall asleep in the morning but has still been going to sleep.  Today she was just too busy socialising with Daddy and everyone in the church to be interested in sleep.  Next week it’s creche for church for Eva!

At least I have had some preparation for this change.  It does mean our days will be slightly differently structured but we are blessed that she does enjoy a long afternoon sleep which will just be earlier.

Eva is growing up (just short of 15 months corrected) and this is an exciting new change for us.

Nanny’s visit and a Tooth

Nanny (my mum) came to visit from Canberra last week which was lovely.  Eva gave Nanny a huge smile when she sat next to her in the car seat.  We talk often on Skype so Eva sees Nanny on the computer screen most days.  I guess her face and voice are familiar to her even though she hasn’t seen Nanny since January.

We went out for lunch and coffee

Girls in red ready for coffee

Nanny and I stacked the wood to make it from this:

to this:

We have since even started having fires at night.

We went for dinner to Srijana and Lolkraj’s for a delicious Nepali meal.  Our special treat for Mother’s Day was lunch out and a matinee session of FAME the musical on Saturday.  Mum has always taken me to musicals so it was nice to be able to organise to take her as a surprise.

On Mother’s Day we had Ruth and Bob and Alison, Mathew, Amelia and Nathaniel here for afternoon tea. This was a well deserved treat after Nanny had spent the day weeding our garden!  Andrew and I tidied the shed which is looking great (photos to come soon).

Nanny was able to watch Eva at swimming and Gymbaroo so that was great.  On Tuesday Eva’s second bottom tooth (now we have a total of 6) came through just in time for Nanny to see before she boarded the plane home to see her other three grandchildren.

We are so pleased that Nanny came to visit us although next time she should do some more relaxing!