An Eva Update

Yesterday was weigh day at our local Maternal and Child Health Clinic. I was actually feeling quite postitive about the visit as I knew that Eva had been eating well and recently she had grown out of two pieces of clothing.  Eva weighed 8.545kg (18lb 12oz) which is an increase of 645g in eight weeks.  The maternal health nurse said that she looks healthy and even has chub around her thighs and a round tummy with sparkling healthy eyes so she is just perfect at the weight that she is.  Again the nurse couldn’t believe how good Eva was for a 25 weeker!  It is always nice to hear how well she is doing and really being small means that she is much easier to carry around and her clothes last for longer.  Eva had also grown 2cm which I anticipated seeing as some things are short on her.  Eva is on the 9th centile for weight and the 25th for length thus some clothes are short on her but still have growing room!

I guess I haven’t really done an Eva update in a while.  She is just changing and progressing everyday.  Honestly you would think that a mini tornado whips through my house every day.  Anyone with an active (pre)toddler will know/remember the destruction that they leave behind.  Here is a snapshot of our afternoon yesterday:

There was a sign at the clinic yesterday that said “The world’s most amazing explorers and scientists wear nappies”.  I couldn’t agree more although sometimes it’s hard to remind myself of that when Eva is exploring cause and effect with food from the high chair yet again!  Eva is just so inquisitive and interested in anything new.  Yesterday chests of drawers arrived thus the burst of activity from Eva as I was trying to rearrange the contents of drawers and cupboards.  She was just full of enthusiasm and energy despite having a cold.

I love standing back and watching her.  Often when she is in another room and there is silence I just creep in to see what I will find.  I admire her ingenuity to reach toys that she has flung to hard to reach places. She now has learnt to turn her shoulder while reaching into the cot to get teddy and that she gets a longer reach this way!  The human brain amazes me everyday.  God’s design is just so clever.  Of course along with this ingenuity is her persistence.  Eva is a very determined little lady and will persist until she is really stuck.

Many times through the day I play the “What’s that noise?” game where I am in another room to Eva and I hear an unusual noise and I stop to wonder what it is and whether I need to go and investigate.  Often she has reached something I didn’t know she could reach or I have left a cupboard open that I forgot about.

All of a sudden Eva just seems to be able to reach higher than before.  I don’t think that it is just the extra 2cm but better balance and the realisation that there is stuff above her height.  Nothing is safe anymore.  Twice yesterday I saw her let go and stand alone for maybe only 2 seconds.

Climbing anything is her favourite activity.  I now need to be conscious of any boxes that I put down as the first thing is climbing and the second thing is putting stuff into the box.  At Gymbaroo she loves to climb up and down the steps and even the step ladder.

Eva babbles all day and is now consistently using Mama, Dada and Baba for us and herself in the mirror or babies in books.  She loves to kiss the babies in the books we read.

Well I think that is enough boasting about my (pre)toddler for now.  My mum (Nanny) arrives this morning so we are very excited.  She last saw Eva in January when she had just started commando crawling.  It will be a big change for her.


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