A New Obsession in Our House

As of yesterday afternoon Eva can walk gingerly pushing a block trolley.  She was standing at the coffee table and reached for the trolley with one hand.  I helped her to put the other hand on and she was off!  The first few laps of the lounge room were very hesitant of course but then she got the hang of it and before bed she was doing laps around the house with Daddy following for steering adjustment.  It was amazing to watch how quickly she learnt the skill and adjusted her technique.  Most importantly she was walking flat footed which is great as preemies tend to walk on tippy toes.

Andrew and I were so happy and proud to see her progress to this stage.  It is another milestone that was hard to imagine all those days ago sitting at her humidicrib willing her heart rate to stop jumping up.  Our friend Bindy was here to help out and witness this special learning that Eva was doing.  With the wonder of Skype my mum and dad were even able to watch her from Canberra!

Eva didn’t seem to tire of the pushing and even went back to the hallway to find the trolley and push again.  I think it is a new obsession for her.  I loved that even when she fell over while practicing she was holding onto the trolley with two hands!  Can’t wait to see what today holds in store for us.


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