Sleep, How I Miss Thee

Eva isn’t too keen on sleeping through the night this past week.  Now of course I understand that parenting a small child means that sleeping through the night is a bonus not a given however when I know that she can do it it’s hard to go back to getting up.  I miss those blocks of sleep where I wake up feeling refreshed.  Eva must also miss feeling refreshed. Andrew has been in Sydney for work the past two nights so maybe he is feeling slightly more refreshed.

Everything suffers with sleep deprivation.  I have no motivation, energy, Andrew and I get grumpy with each other and I eat badly during the day to try and find some energy.  Eva is also irritable and needs to spend every waking minute right where I am.  Of course for lots of people life with a small person is worse and the sleepless nights never end so I really shouldn’t complain but it makes me feel better to get it off my chest. My mum tells me that I didn’t sleep through the night until I went to school so I guess I am lucky to have had some sleep throughs already.

Today Eva had her chicken pox and first of the rotavirus immunisations and this means that she has had a great sleep this afternoon. It seems that the virus that has been bothering her this week (which I presume cause of the distress at night) is a mild case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  She has had hardly any spots on her hands and feet but a rash around her nose and mouth and bottom.  Poor love. She had a fever on Monday night and actually slept a big stretch fighting that.  I even woke in the night and went to check her seeing as we hadn’t been up yet!

What I find hardest is that she is so distressed when she wakes and back arches when I pick her up instead of relaxing in my arms.  Also she has really been off her food this week so trying to get anything in has been a failure.  Eva’s appetite is picking up now though which is great.

This page of Why I Love My Mummy reminds me that Eva loves me and that’s why I get all the tricky behaviour as well as the fun stuff:

Eva and I are both really looking forward to Andrew’s return tonight.  She has been chanting Dada in the evenings just hoping that he will pop out from somewhere to give her a cuddle and a kiss.


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