Disrupted Nights and a Runny Nose

It looks like Eva has a virus attacking her that has taken various forms over the last week and has culminated in a runny nose and thus disrupted sleep (again).  At least a child with a fever sleeps!  Poor thing just isn’t herself and is quite clingy.

Just a little example of how she’s feeling very fragile. Over the weekend we bought Eva a table and chair set for the kitchen.

We needed to move the cook book bookcase out of there and decided to swap it with the book case in her bedroom.  These bookcases provide Eva with activity throughout the day as she loves to pull the books off of them thus she’s very fond of them.  As we moved each of them from their places she fell on the floor in tears of panic until they were resumed in their new places.  Oh the drama of change.  Andrew is rolling his eyes the he has another female in the house that doesn’t cope well with unannounced change!  Eva seems happy with the new arrangement now.

I hope that this week she starts to feel much better.  Despite her body being busy fighting infection she seems to have had a length growth spurt in the past couple of weeks where everything is short in the arms and legs.  I am having to get out size 1 (12 month) clothes and put away some of my favourite outfits.


Thursday Night Fever

Now Eva has a fever so maybe it is an infection not teething.  Yesterday afternoon she felt really hot to touch so I took her temperature and it was 39.2°C.  She was grumpy but remarkably sat still for me to take her temperature which meant she wasn’t feeling great.  I gave her paracetamol and put her down to sleep.  I got her up to take her to the doctors who fitted us in.  We saw Dr Adrian who checked her ears, throat and lungs which were all clear.

Dr Adrian thought that it must be gastro seeing as she had some diahorrea as well.   Back home we went with strict instructions to watch her temperature and give regular paracetamol and go to the hospital if she stopped drinking and weeing.  However she has done both those things well so we are home safe.  Strangely today her temperatures have continued but no diahorrea which is a welcome reprieve.

Eva isn’t listless but is pale and needing lots of cuddles and lots of sleep.  Hopefully she will get better very quickly.

Nappy Free Time

The past few days Eva has spent lots of time Nappy Free.

Nappy Free Morning Tea

Poor thing has an awful nappy rash it almost looks like a burn.  After much discussions with other wiser mothers I have deduced that it is probably related to teething (along with the disgusting nappy contents).  Luckily Eva seems well in herself (other than tired and willing to have extra sleeps) so I don’t think that it is an infection and there have been no new foods lately.

The kitchen and bathroom have been our safe zones where clean up is easy so we have spent a lot of time in these rooms with potty close at hand along with books to read while sitting on it.  The heating has been up nice and high to keep her warm but I do with that we had some Baby Legs for times like these.  Her bottom cheeks are just so cute to look at while sitting and standing, they are usually hidden under a nappy!

Hopefully her rash will improve quickly and maybe a new tooth will come too.  The dentist did say that her molars are the next to come thus maybe the different teething symptoms.  And yes I do believe that teething produces physical symptoms that differ in intensity with each child.

A Trip to the Dentist

Last week Eva made a visit tot the Paediatric Dentist , Dr Karen.  As I have said before we were concerned about some indentations on Eva’s front teeth.

After an hour wait in the playroom with DVD player and a table on wheel to push we saw Dr Karen (who didn’t apologise for the wait).  I have no photos because I sat in the dentist chair with Eva on my lap.  Dr Karen gave Eva the little mirror to play with and Eva thought the it was great.  Eva then lay down on a pillow in Dr Karen’s lap so that she could briefly examine her teeth.

Dr Karen told me that the indentations are related to the enamel not forming.  This was meant to be happening in utero at the gestation that Eva was born.  Thus due to her early arrival her body missed out on forming the enamel properly.  It should only affect the baby teeth.  There is no great concern with the defects except for increased risk of decay due to rough surfaces and cosmetic issues.

Now we use Tooth Moose.  “Tooth Mousse works by neutralising acidic saliva, one of the major causes of tooth decay and erosion. It rehydrates and rebuilds early enamel decay lesions and stops further progression of the decay”.  After brushing Eva’s teeth at night (without toothpaste until she is 3) we put a tiny bit of tooth moose on her front teeth.  Of course being a fake Strawberry flavour she seems to lick it straight off so I’m not sure that it has a chance to do any good.  Now Dada has a Strawberry flavoured kiss from his little girl at night!

So I am pleased that it isn’t decay and relieved that it is only meant to be her baby teeth affected.  It’s a legacy of prematurity that I hadn’t even contemplated before.

A Lovely Holiday

We have returned safely but got a little caught up in life this past week to update here.  Eva really enjoyed all of her socialising in Adelaide, oh to have so much attention all of the time.  It was delightful to have no tantrums during the week and very few frustrated tears.  However back home she has certainly made up for it with just mummy around to entertain her not quite satisfying her needs there have been tears.

We were lucky enough to stay with family friends Daryl and Bronwyn at Glenelg beach in their penthouse apartment with a view over the city and marina for sunrise and the beach for sunset.  Of course the most wonderful assest in this house, in the world according to Eva, was the flight of stairs.  Any opportunity, when we moved the lounge blocking them, she was up like a flash.  I am pleased to say though that she is great at coming down backwards, feet first as we have been teaching her.  Above all she just loved the attention of Bronwyn for all her waking hours with lots of practicing “Oh, Oh” as she threw things to the ground.  Of course new drawers and cupboards to explore were a bonus.  We did enjoy a couple of walks along the beachfront.

The most important part of our stay was to spend time with my Grandma which we did.

Grandma enjoyed seeing Eva cruise around the furniture, pull down the numerous photo frames and destroy the junk mail pile to climb in the trolley. We were able to get out and about every morning with us all so that was great.  It was at times tiring to be a granddaughter and mother, they are two different yet sometimes similar roles.  Grandma was pleased to see how well Eva (her namesake) has progressed and saw her getting more confident with standing in just the week we were there.

Andrew arrived on Friday night and we did some socialising on the weekend. We visited the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed a morning in the cafe there which was undercover not inside so Eva did get some good use out of her winter coat.  This also gave her lots of space to roam while we sat down and watched.  We enjoyed the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” exhibition where I actually had a little more understanding of the technical data and the difficulty to get the shot following my short photography course.

While in Adelaide we had the kind use of a friend’s car which was fantastic.  I didn’t realise how much concentration I need for a manual car and how much I appreciate my power steering until I didn’t have it.  It was great to be able to be independent though.

We took Eva to see my brother’s grave.  A strange thing I guess but something important to me.  Also just nearby is my Grandma’s grave.  This place was important to me soon after Stephen’s death 17 years ago and it is a physical link that we still have with him.  Eva enjoyed crawling all over the grave and pulling out the vases and plants so it was some fun outdoor time for her.  It is of course a sad reminder that neither Andrew or Eva will ever know the special person that Stephen is.

By the time we left Eva had become so much more confident in free standing and even thinking about taking steps.  She is so steady at times.  Of course she pushed anything and everything possible just to get some practice in.  I still think that walking is a while off yet.

On Holiday!

As you read this Eva and I are jetting off to Adelaide while Andrew dutifully works.  I am so excited to be going on holiday and so pleased to be going home for a visit.  Andrew will join us on Friday night.  It’s going to be a long break from Eva for him which he is sad about.

We had a busy weekend with our nephew Nathaniel’s Birthday celebration and party.  What fun it is to turn three!

On Sunday Eva and I went to visit my Dad (Grandpa) who was in Melbourne for the day for a pigeon sale.  Eva was able to show Grandpa her new talent for pushing the trolley.  You can see where her red hair comes from!  Eva got to touch some pigeons which she thought was pretty special.

Now we are on holiday visiting my hometown and my 90-year-old Grandma.  Can’t wait!


Some days I see things that remind me of when Eva was unwell and so small.

The aerobics room at the gym has one of these:

So did the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where Eva was.  It is a noise level measuring device that tells you when the noise in the room is too high. The first time I saw it at the Gym it caught me off guard.  It’s only a machine on the wall but it still brought back memories of the noisy machines.  Most of the time in NICU the red “Too Noisy” was flashing while the various machines caring for the 11 sick babies alarmed.  It was meant to be a guide for the nurses to tell them to try and achieve some noise reduction. I remember doing Kangaroo Care while looking at the red dot flashing most of the time!

See the ear in the top left of the photo

Another funny thing keeps happening to me at craft markets. I walk past a stall with small clothes and think “What cute baby clothes”.  Moments later I realise that the stall is selling dolls clothes and that to me this size is normal for a baby to be wearing.  It still happens every time but it does make me smile.

Eva is getting better at night.  We have worked out that she settles much more quickly with Andrew than me!  Thus recently Andrew has played a big part in the nighttime parenting.  Eva was only awake once last night and very briefly so hopefully we are passing through this phase.