Some days I see things that remind me of when Eva was unwell and so small.

The aerobics room at the gym has one of these:

So did the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where Eva was.  It is a noise level measuring device that tells you when the noise in the room is too high. The first time I saw it at the Gym it caught me off guard.  It’s only a machine on the wall but it still brought back memories of the noisy machines.  Most of the time in NICU the red “Too Noisy” was flashing while the various machines caring for the 11 sick babies alarmed.  It was meant to be a guide for the nurses to tell them to try and achieve some noise reduction. I remember doing Kangaroo Care while looking at the red dot flashing most of the time!

See the ear in the top left of the photo

Another funny thing keeps happening to me at craft markets. I walk past a stall with small clothes and think “What cute baby clothes”.  Moments later I realise that the stall is selling dolls clothes and that to me this size is normal for a baby to be wearing.  It still happens every time but it does make me smile.

Eva is getting better at night.  We have worked out that she settles much more quickly with Andrew than me!  Thus recently Andrew has played a big part in the nighttime parenting.  Eva was only awake once last night and very briefly so hopefully we are passing through this phase.


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