A Lovely Holiday

We have returned safely but got a little caught up in life this past week to update here.  Eva really enjoyed all of her socialising in Adelaide, oh to have so much attention all of the time.  It was delightful to have no tantrums during the week and very few frustrated tears.  However back home she has certainly made up for it with just mummy around to entertain her not quite satisfying her needs there have been tears.

We were lucky enough to stay with family friends Daryl and Bronwyn at Glenelg beach in their penthouse apartment with a view over the city and marina for sunrise and the beach for sunset.  Of course the most wonderful assest in this house, in the world according to Eva, was the flight of stairs.  Any opportunity, when we moved the lounge blocking them, she was up like a flash.  I am pleased to say though that she is great at coming down backwards, feet first as we have been teaching her.  Above all she just loved the attention of Bronwyn for all her waking hours with lots of practicing “Oh, Oh” as she threw things to the ground.  Of course new drawers and cupboards to explore were a bonus.  We did enjoy a couple of walks along the beachfront.

The most important part of our stay was to spend time with my Grandma which we did.

Grandma enjoyed seeing Eva cruise around the furniture, pull down the numerous photo frames and destroy the junk mail pile to climb in the trolley. We were able to get out and about every morning with us all so that was great.  It was at times tiring to be a granddaughter and mother, they are two different yet sometimes similar roles.  Grandma was pleased to see how well Eva (her namesake) has progressed and saw her getting more confident with standing in just the week we were there.

Andrew arrived on Friday night and we did some socialising on the weekend. We visited the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed a morning in the cafe there which was undercover not inside so Eva did get some good use out of her winter coat.  This also gave her lots of space to roam while we sat down and watched.  We enjoyed the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” exhibition where I actually had a little more understanding of the technical data and the difficulty to get the shot following my short photography course.

While in Adelaide we had the kind use of a friend’s car which was fantastic.  I didn’t realise how much concentration I need for a manual car and how much I appreciate my power steering until I didn’t have it.  It was great to be able to be independent though.

We took Eva to see my brother’s grave.  A strange thing I guess but something important to me.  Also just nearby is my Grandma’s grave.  This place was important to me soon after Stephen’s death 17 years ago and it is a physical link that we still have with him.  Eva enjoyed crawling all over the grave and pulling out the vases and plants so it was some fun outdoor time for her.  It is of course a sad reminder that neither Andrew or Eva will ever know the special person that Stephen is.

By the time we left Eva had become so much more confident in free standing and even thinking about taking steps.  She is so steady at times.  Of course she pushed anything and everything possible just to get some practice in.  I still think that walking is a while off yet.


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