A Trip to the Dentist

Last week Eva made a visit tot the Paediatric Dentist , Dr Karen.  As I have said before we were concerned about some indentations on Eva’s front teeth.

After an hour wait in the playroom with DVD player and a table on wheel to push we saw Dr Karen (who didn’t apologise for the wait).  I have no photos because I sat in the dentist chair with Eva on my lap.  Dr Karen gave Eva the little mirror to play with and Eva thought the it was great.  Eva then lay down on a pillow in Dr Karen’s lap so that she could briefly examine her teeth.

Dr Karen told me that the indentations are related to the enamel not forming.  This was meant to be happening in utero at the gestation that Eva was born.  Thus due to her early arrival her body missed out on forming the enamel properly.  It should only affect the baby teeth.  There is no great concern with the defects except for increased risk of decay due to rough surfaces and cosmetic issues.

Now we use Tooth Moose.  “Tooth Mousse works by neutralising acidic saliva, one of the major causes of tooth decay and erosion. It rehydrates and rebuilds early enamel decay lesions and stops further progression of the decay”.  After brushing Eva’s teeth at night (without toothpaste until she is 3) we put a tiny bit of tooth moose on her front teeth.  Of course being a fake Strawberry flavour she seems to lick it straight off so I’m not sure that it has a chance to do any good.  Now Dada has a Strawberry flavoured kiss from his little girl at night!

So I am pleased that it isn’t decay and relieved that it is only meant to be her baby teeth affected.  It’s a legacy of prematurity that I hadn’t even contemplated before.


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