Nappy Free Time

The past few days Eva has spent lots of time Nappy Free.

Nappy Free Morning Tea

Poor thing has an awful nappy rash it almost looks like a burn.  After much discussions with other wiser mothers I have deduced that it is probably related to teething (along with the disgusting nappy contents).  Luckily Eva seems well in herself (other than tired and willing to have extra sleeps) so I don’t think that it is an infection and there have been no new foods lately.

The kitchen and bathroom have been our safe zones where clean up is easy so we have spent a lot of time in these rooms with potty close at hand along with books to read while sitting on it.  The heating has been up nice and high to keep her warm but I do with that we had some Baby Legs for times like these.  Her bottom cheeks are just so cute to look at while sitting and standing, they are usually hidden under a nappy!

Hopefully her rash will improve quickly and maybe a new tooth will come too.  The dentist did say that her molars are the next to come thus maybe the different teething symptoms.  And yes I do believe that teething produces physical symptoms that differ in intensity with each child.


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