Thursday Night Fever

Now Eva has a fever so maybe it is an infection not teething.  Yesterday afternoon she felt really hot to touch so I took her temperature and it was 39.2°C.  She was grumpy but remarkably sat still for me to take her temperature which meant she wasn’t feeling great.  I gave her paracetamol and put her down to sleep.  I got her up to take her to the doctors who fitted us in.  We saw Dr Adrian who checked her ears, throat and lungs which were all clear.

Dr Adrian thought that it must be gastro seeing as she had some diahorrea as well.   Back home we went with strict instructions to watch her temperature and give regular paracetamol and go to the hospital if she stopped drinking and weeing.  However she has done both those things well so we are home safe.  Strangely today her temperatures have continued but no diahorrea which is a welcome reprieve.

Eva isn’t listless but is pale and needing lots of cuddles and lots of sleep.  Hopefully she will get better very quickly.

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