Disrupted Nights and a Runny Nose

It looks like Eva has a virus attacking her that has taken various forms over the last week and has culminated in a runny nose and thus disrupted sleep (again).  At least a child with a fever sleeps!  Poor thing just isn’t herself and is quite clingy.

Just a little example of how she’s feeling very fragile. Over the weekend we bought Eva a table and chair set for the kitchen.

We needed to move the cook book bookcase out of there and decided to swap it with the book case in her bedroom.  These bookcases provide Eva with activity throughout the day as she loves to pull the books off of them thus she’s very fond of them.  As we moved each of them from their places she fell on the floor in tears of panic until they were resumed in their new places.  Oh the drama of change.  Andrew is rolling his eyes the he has another female in the house that doesn’t cope well with unannounced change!  Eva seems happy with the new arrangement now.

I hope that this week she starts to feel much better.  Despite her body being busy fighting infection she seems to have had a length growth spurt in the past couple of weeks where everything is short in the arms and legs.  I am having to get out size 1 (12 month) clothes and put away some of my favourite outfits.


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