Queen for the Day

It was my Birthday on Tuesday and I was made to feel like a Queen for the Day.  I do love having a birthday once a year and using it as an excuse to just relax and avoid all the things that I don’t like doing!  I did no food preparation and did not have to deal with clean or dirty dishes.  Didn’t my husband spoil me?

Eva clearly didn’t get the memo about my birthday and needed me and a feed at 1.30am but it was special time with her in the dark to think about how we found out that I was pregnant this day 2 years ago.

I was up early to have breakfast with Andrew but sad to realise that I didn’t think ahead to get myself a yummy breakfast option (eg chocolate croissant) so had to stick with toast and a delicious coffee (made by Andrew as every morning).  I opened lots of cards that arrived in real mail and read my electronic greetings as well.

After breakfast I just relaxed and ignored any chores without guilt.  I was in my pajamas until 10am!  Eva slept in until 9 as she was feeling unwell and miserable.  I received many loving phone calls and a wrong number call which was disappointing on my birthday.

Alison, Amelia and Nathaniel arrived to straighten my hair and collect Eva and I for lunch. I received two very special handmade cards.  Amelia’s (5) writing has improved so much and it just amazed me that I could clearly understand all of her words.

Lunch was with Andrew’s parents at Warren Glen Nursery Cafe.

It was delicious and child friendly although given that it was pouring with rain the playground and train were wet.  Eva was just listless and miserable at lunch although her cousins did get the occasional smile out of her.  She sat in the highchair the whole time without a request to get out, that was really a sign that she felt awful.

After lunch we headed to Gran and Pop’s house for Eva to sleep and the rest of us to enjoy a gorgeous & delicious Hello Kitty cake made by Alison.

In the evening Alison came to babysit and Andrew took me out to a delicious Italian restaurant, Centonove.  It was delicious and very luxurious for us (now on one income)!  The food was wonderful and the service was fantastic.  The only drawback was that I sat still for 2 hours (absolutely unheard of for me) and I was so stiff resulting from the Pump class that I did the day before.

Thus I had a lovely 32nd birthday and enjoyed all of my celebrations.  If only Eva had been feeling a little happier.


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