We have a Toddler!

What an amazing moment for us!  Tonight Eva decided she could take a liking to this upright transport thing. First she took just 3 steps. She then proceeded to walk across the room between us about 10 times while showing off her skills to our family via Skype.  All of this with a big beaming smile being very proud of herself.  She went to bed very tired!

This afternoon I took Eva to see the chiropractor to get adjusted as I always do when she is unwell.  Dr Kerry found that Eva’s pelvis was out of alignment.  With a bit of gentle pressure this was corrected.  I’m not crediting her steps to this one appointment but I do believe that it has helped her to feel better.  Eva is just much happier in herself this evening.  Given how unwell she has been and the fact that she has hardly used her trolleys this week we were surprised by these steps tonight.

“Why do babies feel so much better after a chiropractic check-up?

The chiropractor identifies and treats any subluxations and misalignments in baby’s spine, this generally allows baby to move more freely, also it removes any interference to transmission of messages through the spinal cord and nerves to the baby’s body, organs, tissues etc. The interference free communication through the nervous system enables the baby to naturally grow and develop optimally.”  http://www.babyuniverse.com.au/news/baby-articles/why-infants-need-and-benefit-from-chiropractic-care

We are so proud of Eva.  Of course this is an especially wonderful moment for each and every parent but for us reflecting on the early days when she was unwell these moments hold amazing sentiment.  A month ago I enrolled her in the next class up at Gymbaroo thinking that she may be walking by the time term starts (12th July) and she’s well on her way.

It seems that we now have a toddler although who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Will she want to do more walking or just straight back to crawling?  Actually 2 weeks ago she took a couple of steps in the toddler pool where she was helped with waist height water.  Lately she has been freestanding more and more and can squat to pick things up then stand up again.

I am also in the process of changing her wardrobe to include some 9-12 month (UK) and size 1 (Australia) clothes so things are really changing around here.

Stay tuned for more videos of our very talented daughter!

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