Godmotherly Love

A short while back we had a visit from Eva’s Godmother Bridget.  Bridget lives in Broken Hill and was on her way to Brisbane so she figured she may as well stopover in Melbourne.  Why not I say?  It was certainly a fun few days.

On her first day here we took Bridget to Doncaster Shoppingtown for a little retail therapy.  Hey she doesn’t have a Westfield to explore in Broken Hill!  I found that Bridget is a very efficient shopper and we did gets lots done as well as coffee and cake at the soft play area.  Eva enjoyed cruising around the play area watching the big children play.  She did escape the fence once though.

During Eva’s sleep Bridget happily played on the internet looking for ideas for her upcoming wedding.  Andrew will be a photographer so he needs some ideas.  In the afternoon we took Bridget to our local playground to have some fun Eva time. Eva really loved having Bridget around to entertain her when Mama was busy doing boring things like cooking and washing.

The next day we were tourists in Melbourne.  We visited the National Gallery Victoria Kids Corner where Eva crawled over light boxes, watched digital fish chase her shadow and climbed into tunnels.  It was fun for her and great to watch her explore.  The theme was light play and it made me realise that science can actually be fun!

After a spot of lunch and watching some life size puppets pass by we headed to the NGV International Art Gallery.  Eva had a sleep in the sling and we toured some of the art which is a great way to pass time while Eva replenishes.  After she woke up (crying in the middle of a picture gallery) we checked out the school holiday drawing art section where Bridget and I did more of the crayon use than Eva but we had fun.  Of course coffee and cake was required after all this art viewing.  Eva helped herself to the brown paper bag that Bridget brought back from the coffee shop and was delighted to eat a blueberry muffin!

The water wall at the entrance to the NGV International was quite fascinating

Our last task was to take Bridget to the airport for her flight to Brisbane which was a bit sad.  We are so pleased that we got to spend this time with her and ever thankful that she is endlessly flexible and relaxed.  Such an easy visitor to have with a pre-toddler in the house.  Maybe some of these Godmotherly traits will rub off on Eva some day.

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One thought on “Godmotherly Love

  1. What a joy to see Eva’s story! I just read your comment on my blog and have spent quite some time pouring over your amazing story. (I was also interested to see your connection to Bristol, where I studied abroad my Jr year of college). Eva’s life radiates hope, joy and demonstrates what true miracles are!

    It fascinates me to see how things like the internet and blogging can connect individuals. I look forward to following your journey, now.

    It is funny you commented on baby lead weaning, as my girlfriend just introduced me to the concept. I am thinking we are going to go down that path. It would not have worked for our first son, but I think with felix, he would respond quite well!

    Again, it is really neat to connect and I wanted to thank you for reaching out.

    I cannot wait to read more about Eva!

    Ali (miles and felix’s mom from “ditto”)

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