Today is National Tree Day here in Australia.  This is a special day for all Australians to help out by planting and caring for native trees and shrubs to improve the environment in which they live.  Today at church the environmental justice team were selling native seedlings, herbs and vegetables.

“National Tree Day  promotes planting and caring for native trees and plants. Australia is a massive continent. It is also a very old continent.  Australian plants have had a long time to adapt to local conditions. Transplanted to another site with a slightly different climate, an Australian plant could simply curl up and die OR it could establish itself as an invasive weed species and out-compete other native species in its new home. This then becomes a problem for local wildlife who have also adapted – to particular types of habitat and to particular food plants. The Cootamundra Wattle is an example of a native Australian species that has moved out of its local area to become a widespread weed.

At Planet Ark we believe it is important to maintain and support local bio-diversity. In places all around the world that people love to visit, plants bring their special colours, textures and smells to make those places unique. So we do not promote the planting of introduced species and we strongly recommend that sites are only planted under the supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable bush regenerator. Even in urbanized areas there can be remnant native plants that represent an important source of local biodiversity, often threatened by the pressures of urban living.”   Planet Ark Website

We purchased 6 native flowering shrubs to line our side fence and provide some colour for us and homes/livelihoods for insects and especially bees.  Life is better with trees!  Three trees are all that’s needed to offset the average size home’s annual lighting output, according to new information from Planet Ark.

Today we celebrated Bob’s (Andrew’s Dad) Birthday thus we were didn’t participate in a community planting session.  Luckily really seeing as the weather was awful for the majority of the day.

Maybe you might think of planting some more natives in your garden in August, a great time to plant in southern Australia.


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