Eva’s Sore Eye

Eva woke up from yesterday’s midday sleep with her left eye stuck together.  Poor thing was upset and cranky with a case of conjunctivitis.  By the time she saw Andrew in the evening her eye was swollen and half shut.

This morning there was more pus but the swelling has improved over today.   We started eyedrops to keep her eye safe.  This seems to be just another health issue in a run of being unwell for 5 out of the past 6 weeks!  It is just non stop virus infections in this household.  Eva has had a constantly runny nose, a persistent cough and bouts of diahorrea.  This of course means broken sleep and her going right off her food.  I am sure that she has lost weight recently.  I realise that this is life with a 1 year old but maybe it’s slightly more exaggerated with ex-premmie lungs.  People reassure me by saying that this will be the worst Winter and it will only get better.  One bonus is that she is very good at letting GPs examine her and will sit still on my lap when they check her ears, throat and lungs.  I wonder if she tolerates it because of daily intervention in her early life or she’s just apathetic when unwell?

Eva is getting weighed tomorrow so send us some heavy thoughts.  I’ll do more of an update after that.  In the meantime I’m off to wipe her nose and bathe her eyes!


One thought on “Eva’s Sore Eye

  1. Poor little Eva – and poor Mummy and Daddy. It’s just horrible to see them miserable. Hope she turns the corner soon. Love Mim

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