The Weight Game

Eva’s weight has gone nowhere in the past 10 weeks!  I knew that she was looking thinner but I didn’t expect the scales to tell me 5 grams less than last time she was on them.  The good thing about using pounds to measure her is that there is no change instead of a loss.  I know that 5 grams is nothing when you put it on the scales but it’s the missing 300 grams of gain that I’m upset about.  Anyway there’s nothing much I can do when she refuses to eat all I can do is offer.  There is a ray of hope though as she ate really well last week when she felt better so I know she can do it she just has no appetite when she feels yuk.  I guess I need to be aware of this and avoid getting frustrated.

We have started to do more grazing for her snacks and meals to tempt her toddler tastebuds. I read this article by Dr Sears which inspired me to be slightly less obsessive about mashing up high protein, carbs and vegetable to be spoon fed and to give her the freedom which is a toddlers dream. She just loves sitting at her little table and chairs to snack.

Also I have been inspired by our friends Catherine and Glenn’s success with their daughter Felicity and Baby Led Weaning.   This is a no purees approach to food where the focus in on milk as the source of nutrition thus until 1 year of age food is for fun and exploring.

A month ago Eva showed us that she could take steps on her own but has only been taking a handful of steps at a time since then.  I lay awake that night wondering how I would manage a walker in the house and what would change.  I haven’t found out yet as clearly she’s not interested in the walking thing!  It’s much quicker to crawl and obviously she wants to do it perfectly so needs to take her time working up to it!  Everyday she does a bunch of steps (if inspired enough to get something) so she does get the concept.

Meanwhile her fine motor skills are improving rapidly with great cupboard opening skills now requiring cupboard locks to keep Mama’s sanity.  There are also new zip opening skills which are tested regularly with Eva’s bag and mama’s purse.

Eva is really vocalising a lot now.  She tries all sorts of words and really looks like she is having conversations with us.  She stops for us to reply and then continues.  It’s just so cute.  She even talks to Mum on Skype like that.  She has dada, mama and baba really well but other words are popa and nana. Daily she sounds like she is trying to copy words.

We are having a few issues with separation anxiety when I am around.  Eva likes to be bathed by me right now where as this used to be Daddy’s special time.  I am hoping that it is just going along with the learning to walk/big milestone phase and it will pass.  I used to really like this Daddy time at the end of a day!

Of course this time is full of change and learning new things and it is so exciting.  We could do with a few less tantrums of frustration but it just goes with the territory.


2 thoughts on “The Weight Game

  1. I definitely recommend letting her graze all sorts of things for snacks. At the moment Felicity’s favourite things to eat are proteins and carbs (so no weight gain issues here – she just barely eats any veggies at the moment so too bad about vitamins!!). Actually she also eats heaps and heaps of fruit too so probably gets some vitamins and minerals that way.

    And, the great news is that she hasn’t dropped in weight while she has been constantly sick, so she is not going in reverse. So here’s looking forward to spring just around the corner, so hopefully less illness, more eating, lots of weight gain, and best of all when she is feeling better I reckon she will stop having the separation anxiety.

    Oh yeah, and less stress for you too!!

    Although from what I understand the tantrums will probably get worse yet – bummer…..

  2. Lovely to read of (and to sometimes be there to witness) Eva’s progress Marnie. This is a great way of keeping a journal for you Marnie. Oh how I wish I had been more diligent in doing so when I was a young mum. I can understand your frustration re her weight but when you keep in mind also the increased activity, she is probably burning it all off. Love Mim

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