The Cooneys from Canberra visit

A few weeks ago (it’s been busy around here) my  sister and her family came for a visit from Canberra.  Eva hadn’t seen her cousins Isabelle (12), Henry (11) and Zachary (7) since December so it was an exciting reunion.  She does chat with them on Skype so maybe that helped to make her feel that they were familiar.

They stayed in the city but we saw them lots.  It was fun to have them out here for dinner Friday night where Henry and Matt cooked up a storm from Jamie Oliver which involved making fresh pasta.  How yummy!  This was the first time that they had seen our home so it was nice to be able to give them a tour.

Isabelle came to a play swim at our local pool which she and Eva both enjoyed.  Eva is really loving taking steps in the shallow toddler pool.  Suzanne, Isabelle and I went for a quick spot of shopping while Andrew was home with Eva and the boys went to an AFL game at the MCG.

On the Sunday the Cooneys all went to watch their nephew/cousin Adam play in the Western Bulldogs for his 150th AFL game.  They love having such a great cousin and someone to look up to.  What a special day for them.

On their last day we enjoyed lunch at the Queen Victoria Markets and then Suzanne and I went to see the European Masters with Eva sleeping in the sling.  Everyone was tired as they headed back to Canberra after a jam packed trip to Melbourne.  It was just great to see Eva enjoying time with her big cousins and vice versa.

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