Yesterday my Grandma celebrated her 91st birthday.  Last year our family gathered in Adelaide to celebrate together. It was a very special event for us all.

Gram's 90th Birthday

This year Gram celebrated with lunch and a cruise down the Port River in Adelaide to see the dolphins.  As always anything to do with Port Adelaide made her happy.  (Except perhaps Port Power’s loss but we won’t mention that!)

This Wednesday Gram is going into hospital to have an SCC removed from her upper lip.  Fortunately she will only need sedation not a general anaesthetic but she will still have an overnight stay.  She is very anxious about her hospital visit.  I think the logistics of it are just very overwhelming at 91. My aunt from Sydney will be with her but it won’t stop Gram from worrying.  It’s what she does best.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Grandma is strong and feisty but her body is starting to fail her. Our Eva is aptly named after Gram and appears to have the same characteristics which see them both with fighting spirits to face anything with their family’s and God’s backup.


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