Science and Sleep

Who would believe that I would ever be interested in Science enough to mention it on this blog?  Not my mother or my science teachers that’s for sure.

It’s National Science Week August 14th – 22nd.  There is a very easy and fun way for us all to participate.

“The Big Sleep Survey 2010 is a real citizen science research project. Australian sleep scientists want to find out how much sleep we’re getting, whether mobiles and laptops in the bedroom are affecting our sleep, and how many of us experience parasomnias, such as sleep walking!  The scientists need as many people as possible to volunteer to do the Big Sleep Survey this August.”

Are you willing to be a scientist for a week?  Click here to fill in your questionnaire and then you get an email reminder to fill in a diary for the week. I thought is was fun but then I just love surveys and it actually made me think about my sleeping habits.  It’s open to anyone over the age of 11.

Have fun and enjoy learning about your sleep!


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