Red Hair Blue Eyes

Every time we are out with Eva someone comments on her hair and eyes.  Usually along the lines of “What lovely red hair”.  Swiftly followed by glances to Andrew and I and the question “Where does she get it from?”.  I’ve yet to answer from her real parents or simply her follicles but it’s sometimes tempting. Instead I explain that it comes from my Dad and Andrew’s paternal grandmother.

People also regularly comment that they think that red hair is a dying breed but I guess that I’ve never noticed that with red hair in our family.  We are really proud of Eva’s hair and in fact dreamed of having a little redhead. I hope that Eva will grow up being proud of it too.

Most observers also comment on Eva’s striking blue eyes which glow particularly if she is wearing blueish tones.  They really are a gorgeous bright combination of our more subtle blue colouring.

Of course we realise that we are very biased but we do enjoy these gorgeous features’ of Eva’s and are pleased that other people notice too.


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