The Zombie Walk

Eva seems to have worked out this upright thing!  Six weeks after taking her first steps Eva is now walking more than crawling.  It is the most gorgeous toddle with arms straight out ahead Zombie style.  It’s so exciting!

Now begins the time of parents taking our time walking to do stuff at Eva pace and let her enjoy her freedom.  I do hope that I can slow down and let her enjoy this walking thing.  She looks so cute toddling around.  I still feel great pride watching her stand up from squatting in the middle of the room which she only learnt last Friday.  I marvel every day at the amazing progress that she has made and at the wonder of God’s creation, the human body and mind is just so clever.

Other great news is that Andrew bathed Eva without me in the room and without any tears!  Yeah for me.  It has taken 2 months and has coincided with the transition from cruising to walking.  I feel so liberated and it’s only 20 minutes of my day that I’m talking about.  Now if only the election would be over and Andrew would be willing to sacrifice the news for special bath time….. only 4 more days.


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