Arriving in Fiji

After an early start we boarded our plane to see that we were in the back half of the plane with 7 other infants (carried on laps) and several children.  The poor other people on the plane!  Towards the end of the flight, during landing, there was a chorus of cries from sad babies.

A 5 hour plane flight (which turns into 9 hours travel time with transport and airport time) with a mobile small person has some challenges.  Eva did not sit still for more than a minute (except when sleeping for a short 45 minutes).  She was constantly climbing, sitting, standing, up and down.  As well as perpetually snacking and creating a vacuuming job for the cleaners.  Toys had some limited value.  Her new Anamalz were a hit.  We were so glad that it was the two of us travelling and it was a short international flight.

Upon arriving in Fiji we found a yellow taxi to take us the 20 minute ride to Sofitel Resort on Denarau Island.  The taxi driver was very friendly and chatty.  During the taxi ride I was struck by the gorgeous countryside of Fiji as we circuited Nadi. Each property was marked out with bright white painted rocks and was fairly neat.  Lots of palm trees and everything was just so green.  We didn’t see any abject poverty but certainly no signs of affluence on this ride.

This is the first time Andrew and I have done a “resort holiday” where we sit and relax instead of immersing ourselves in the country and being tourists from dawn to dusk.  Staying in a 5 star resort (afforded with Andrew’s staff rates) is vastly different from our previous experiences especially volunteering in various places in 2007. I hope that our tourism provides some income for Fijian people but should we be supporting a defunct government.

Regardless we are here to enjoy the best of what Fiji has to offer, Sun, Sand and Water.  We are going to enjoy the “Fiji time” and watch Eva relish all these “Daddy Days” in a row and spending most of the day playing in the water.

After arriving at the hotel, and being taken to our room in a golf cart, we had a quick dip in the pool just after sunset.  We then enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner where Eva loved to sample various foods most especially the tropical fruits on offer.  There was no meal planning, cooking or dishes to do.  My idea of holiday heaven!

In Melbourne I found it hard to imagine what the temperature would feel like.  It’s warm and humid but not unbearable.  The air conditioning at 24 feels cold compared to outside.  Most of the hotel is open air, which is delightful.  It was strange to go outside in only one layer of clothes.  I felt lost not having to put a coat and a woolen hat on Eva.

More about the rest of the holiday to come tomorrow!

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